Clive Barker (Liverpool, England, on 5 October 1952) is a writer, film director and visual artist. He studied English and philosophy at the University of Liverpool.

Barker is one of the most acclaimed writers of horror and fantasy, starting with writing of horror at the beginning of his career, collected in the series Blood books (books of blood), and the novel Faustian curses book (The damnation game). Then moved towards the modern fantasy with touches of horror genre.[ 1 ] The most characteristic style of Barker is the idea that there is an underlying, hidden world that co-exists with our (an idea shared with neil gaiman), the role of sexuality in the supernatural and the construction of mythologies consistent, complex and detailed.

When Blood books was published in the United States in a cheap Edition, originality, intensity and quality of the stories made the popular author stephen King said Barker: “I have seen the future of horror and its name is Clive Barker” (to paraphrase a famous phrase said Bruce Springsteen beginning).

Barker in cinema

Barker has a great interest in the production film, while his works have had different receptions. The most successful was Hellraiser, in 1987, based on his novel the hellbound heart. His first films, the shorts the forbidden (1973) and Salome (1978), are films experimental elements surrealists, who again relanzadas with a moderate acceptance of criticism. After his film night races (Nightbreed, 1990), based on his story Cabal and is considered by most as a failure, Barker returned to writing and directing for The Lord of illusions (Lord of illusions, 1995).

A short story in his book In the Flesh, called the forbidden, originated the Candyman dock and its two sequels. It has also produced the film gods and monsters (Gods and monsters, 1998), which received critical praise.

In 2008 the director Japanese ryuhei kitamura led screens movie midnight meat train, with a screenplay by Jeff buhler and based on the tale of the same name by Barker, who also served as producer. 2009 Adapted 2 stories pertaining to Books of blood and jerusalem street in a single movie, but it was not very successful.

Barker is currently working on the adaptation of his books the Arabat quartet, under the management of Disney and a film based on his line of dolls Tortured Souls, mcfarlane toys. The latest adaptation of his Dread story already made, garnering positive reviews.

Barker and cartoon

There have been many works adapted Barker play either inspire her to continue telling stories based on the universes created by him.

The works of Barker in comics published by marvel comics Epic label include series such as Hellraiser, Nightbreed (night race), Pinhead, the harrowers, Book of the Damned and Jihad. Eclipse comics has published also numerous works such as tapping the vein, Dread, Son of celluloid, Revelations, the life of death, rawhead rex and the yattering and Jack; and dark horse comics, the mini-series Primal.

Being a fan of the comic, Barker achieved his dream of publishing their own superhero comics when marvel comics released Razorline in 1993. Based on his detailed assumptions and their characters, four interrelated, titles out of the Marvel Universe, were Ectokid (first written by James Robinson and then by the future co-creator of Matrix larry wachowski, Steve Skroce drawings), Hokum & Hex (written by Frank lovece, with drawings by Anthony williams), Hyperkind (written by Fred Burke with Paris Cullins art) and saint sinner (written by elaine Lee, with art by Max Douglas). Barker 2002 telefilm called saint sinner has no relationship with the comic.

Since 2005, idw publishing has published several adaptations to comic works as his child novel “The thief of days” (the thief of always) by Kris Oprisko and Gabriel Hernández, or the adaptation of “The big secret show” (the great and secret show), by Chris Ryall and Gabriel Rodriguez. In 2009, IDW published comic Seduth, with 3-D effects

Video games

Clive Barker’s Undying was developed by electronic arts and was released in 2001 Valentine’s day. The game takes place in an old mansion where paranormal events are taking place.

Clive Barker’s Jericho was released on October 23, 2007 as history’s most terrifying video game along the lines of the writer, who design full characters and scenarios, giving the game of the series better achieved in the world of video games.


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