Daniel Chamorro (Ciudad Real), director, screenwriter, writer and Spanish film composer.


Graduated in information sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and study on Mexico and Los Angeles and Berlin; He also holds a master’s degree in film production in the TAI. He also writes poetry and stories and he has composed music, his own scores and some non. It has done so far 9 short films and documentary and has written 16 scripts for short; He has received more than 100 national and international awards for his work. It has been considered by Variety in Cannes 2008 magazine [1], one of 10 emerging Spanish young directors. Currently prepares his first two feature films: the price of death and Real Island.

Chronological Fimografía

* Infinite, short film.

* 13 Life, short film.

* The arrastrao, short film.

* 24 moments, short film.

* Solo for cello, short film.

* Natural selection, short film.

* Catharsis, short film.

* Don’t leave, short film

* Do not remove, short film.

In preparation:

* A perfect Crescent, short film.

* Lines, short film.