Aviles Martín Córdoba (Madrid, 1962) is a Spanish writer of novels. He has also published scripts, children’s story, essay, story and press articles.

In this last role collaborated in media such as public, El Mundo and ABC Cultural among others. Since 2004 has been working with literary magazine Letras Libres, which has published short stories and articles, mostly related to cinema.

His facet as screenwriter has been pararalela to writer, so if in 1989 he published his novel what I will tell (Tigre Juan Prize), in 1991, with David trueba and Emilio Martínez-Lázaro wrote Amo tu cama rica. In this role he has collaborated with conductors such as Eduardo mencos, Antonio a. Farré, Miguel santesmases, saura medrano and Antonio del Real.

The novel and tell you some stupidity, for example, I love you (Anaya, open space, 1995;) (Circle of readers, 1998) was a successful publishing, it exceeded the 150,000 copies sold, and it was translated into several languages, of being made into a film.

He holds a degree in art history and teacher of screenplay for film at the school of creative writing Kafka Hotel, Madrid.

His last published novel is the Pack and fog 2009 (Algaida), work which received in October 2008 the II Prize city of Logroño. The jury which was granted, chaired by Ana María Matute was composed, in addition, Fernando Iwasaki, Rodrigo Fresán, Espido Freire and Manuel Hidalgo.

Member of an Asturian family of well-known architects and painters, study in the liberal College ‘Study’ in Madrid. He is brother of the writers Peter Casariego (1955-1993) and Nicolás Casariego (1970) and son of the painter and architect Pedro Casariego Hernández cowboy (1927-2002), is key to Spanish architecture in the second half of the 20th century.