Daniel Clowes Gillespie (b. Chicago, 14 April 1961) is a comic book American. In addition, has done illustrations for numerous magazines including The New Yorker, Esquire, Details, Village Art, among many others; posters for the cinema (among them of the Todd Solondz Happiness; and even cartoon film (video “I don’t wanna grow up” The Ramones).


Studied art at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. To complete their studies tried unsuccessfully to get a job as an illustrator in New York between 1985 and 1989 he collaborated ran both texts and drawings for Cracked, where he developed above all a section entitled “The Uggly Family” magazine. In 1985 he debuted in comic publishing Love & Rockets, the magazine of the “Hernandez brothers.” (Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, a cartoon starring Lloyd Llewellyn character.) Subsequently published a series of six black and white comic-books contained the character, as well as a special, The All-New Lloyd Llewellyn Special (1988).

The first issue of a new comic book by Clowes, Eightball appeared in 1989. Apart from several self-contained short comic Clowes has developed this publication stories larger: the surreal and sinister as a silk glove wrought iron (“Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron”, the numbers 1-10); Ghost World (numbers 11-18), that was brought to the film by Terry Zwigoff; and David Boring (19-21). All these titles were subsequently published as graphic novels. Clowes took to break into the world of cinema, adapting their own scripts to the screen (the case of the film Ghost World, which received a nomination for an Academy). He also collaborated in the 1990s with Coca-Cola to lend his drawings to promote the OK soda, soda whose target population was the failed.

Latest deliveries of Eightball are numbers 22 (“Ice Haven”, 2001) and 23 (“The Death-Ray”, 2004), conceived as independent stories and published in full color and in large format. For the first one, invented the term “novel comic-strip” to avoid the graphic novel, then in vogue.



* Llewelyn Lloyd # 1-# 6 and a special. The last issue was published in December 1988

* Eightball # 1-# 23 The number 23 was published in June 2004.

Short Lloyd Llewellyn and Eightball comics have been published in Spain by Ediciones La Cúpula in a series of 12 comic-books published between 1999 and 2005, with the title of Eight ball, (ISBN 84-7833-336-3).


* Like to Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (Eightball # 1-# 10) (The Spanish translation: as a silk glove forged iron.) (The dome, 1995-1996).

* UN FAULDUO (UN FAULDUO # 1, # 3, # 4)(Translation to the Spanish: FAUL DUO.) Buy a FAULDUO, 2007. (ISBN 84-7833-266-9 (I) new 2006 Edition)

* Orgy Bound

* Lout Rampage

* Ghost World (Eightball # 11-# 18) (Translation to the Spanish: Ghost World.) Ghostly world. The quarterly, 2000. (ISBN 84-7833-378-9).

* Caricature Several short stories in Eightball collection and other published in Esquire. (Translation to the Spanish: caricature.) (Quarterly 2006)

* David Boring (Eightball # 19-# 21) (The Spanish translation: David Boring.) The quarterly, 2002. (ISBN 84-7833-511-0).

* Twentieth Century Eightball. Collection of short stories published in Eightball.

* Ice Haven. Corrected and enlarged in number 22 of Eightball history Edition. (Translation to the Spanish: Ice Haven.) Reservoir Books-Mondadori, 2006)

* Lloyd Llewellyn 1. Collection of character Lloyd Llewellyn stories emerged between 1986 and 1988. The dome, 2006 ISBN 978-84-7833-745-8.