Diablo Cody (14 June 1978, Chicago, United States) is the pseudonym of Brook Busey-Hunt, American blogger winning an Academy Award for best original screenplay for his screenplay for the film Juno 2007 and screenwriter. It is also scriptwriter of the film directed by Megan Fox Jennifer’s body, and is confirmed to write the screenplay for the next film of Alfonso Cuarón, The Umbrella Academy.

Recently entered the television series United states of Tara, based on an idea by Steven Spielberg whose first season have been issued in USA in Showtime, Canada by The Movie Network and Spain at Paramount Comedy. After dissemination of only 4 episodes, they have renewed for a second season. The series deals with the life of Tara, a woman who suffers from multiple personalities. She may believe be T, Buck and Alice. History not wallows in this done only account as it must also withstand the family this situation and live with his eccentricities facultatively prescribed.


* The Umbrella Academy (2012), Writer.

* Breathers: A. Zombie´s Lament (2011) Producer.

* Jennifer’s body (2009) Writer.

* United States Of tara Creator.

* Juno (2007), Writer.


Diablo Cody at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.


Year       Category              Film        Result

2008       Best original screenplay                Juno      Winner

Golden Globe Awards

Year       Category              Film        Result

2007       Best original screenplay                Juno      Candidate

BAFTA Awards

Year       Category              Film        Result

2007       Best original screenplay                Juno      Winner Independent Spirit Awards

Year       Category              Film        Result

2007       Best screenplay prima Opera      Juno      Winner