Daniel Tinayre (Paris, France, September 13, 1910 – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 24 October 1994) was a film director, screenwriter and film producer Argentine born in France.

Very young he moved to Buenos Aires, Tinayre directed 23 films from 1934 to 1974, among the most outstanding thriller 1947 in cold blood with Amelia bence and Tito Alonso.

He was also an acclaimed writer-producer simultaneously contribute in these areas to their films directed in film Argentina.

Among his more held productions in burning darkness (1958) with duilio marzio, mirtha legrand, Lautaro murúa and Luisa vehil, the patota with Mirtha Legrand on one face with Jorge Mistral Silvia Legrand, Mirtha and Milagros de la Vega and La mary with Susana Giménez and Carlos Monzón.

He died in 1994.

He was survived by his two sons (Daniel and Marcela) and his widow, actress and hostess mirtha legrand, who was the architect of your career.


* “Cold blood” (1947)

* “Dance of fire” (1948)

* “Passport to River” (1948)

* “La vendedora de fantasies” (1952)

* “In the burning darkness” (1958)

* “The patota” (1960)

* “The thug” (1961)

* “Under a same face” (1962)

* “The cicada is not a bug” (1963)

* “Strange tenderness” (1964)

* “kuma ching” (1969)

* “mary” (1974)