César Tiempo (born Israel zeitlin), journalist, editor and writer Argentine, born in Ukraine (* March 1906 – 24 October 1980).

César Tiempo.

Caesar’s time (1906-1980). Poet, writer, playwright, screenwriter and journalist. Named Israel Zeitlin it was born in the Ukrainian village of Yekaterinoslav (current Dnipropetrovsk) but he was the first year of life in Buenos Aires. In 1924 he won the Argentine citizenship. He was part of the Boedo group. He was a co-founder of coproduction editorial society book friends. In 1930 he obtained the Municipal poetry award. In 1937 he founded and directed the “Column” – magazine which he edited until 1942 – and received the national prize on theatre. In 1945 he won the Municipal Prize best book film. Between 1952 and 1955 was director of the literary supplement of the newspaper La Prensa, in 1957 the literary journal “Dawn” page. From 1973 to 1975 he served as director of the Teatro Nacional Cervantes. In 1978 he received Prize “Sixtus Pondal rivers” (corresponding to 1977). His plays include “Creole bread” and “Shoeshine apples”. eliahu toker said: “one of the high and the poetic Word Caesar time significant moments is its ‘ harangue on the death of Chaim Nachman Bialik’ […]” Time is identified with Bialik: ‘ Beware the poets / whose fists knock on the tables of the executioners!’, says no doubt also contacting local nazis. And to the Jewish quarter of Buenos Aires, which it complains pequeñoburguesa indifference. And he mocks them bitterly.[…] “The Buenos Aires Jewish condition of time steeped all its pages”. “Paper to break the Sabbath”, “Argentine Sabatión”, “sabadomingo” and “Warning to find Jordana” are some of his poems.