Denys Arcand (June 25, 1941, Deschambault, Quebec) is a film director, screenwriter, actor and film producer of Quebec. Filmmaker of varied style and career, is known internationally for its two major successes: Le déclin de l’empire américain and continuing eighteen years later: The barbarian invasions.

Committed period

Denys Arcand’s work follows the transformation of Québec cinema. In a first time his work consists of acute and critical documentaries of a movie theater deeply rooted in the social and cultural reality of Quebec. It is often considered the most original time of its production. His occupation in documentaries, perfectly synchronized with the ONF work pushes him always beyond the structure of the Assembly. Through delicate game of opposites, the dialectic (for example, Arcand reaches demonstrate both the inconsistencies of the workers and the injustices faced by) is able, without ever using narration, present wise social and political synthesis. Mounting of the films is therefore transparent and less naturalistic than their counterparts of the ONF.

American period

In a second time, which is often called “American” and begins with the disappointment about the outcome of the referendum for the independence of Quebec, 1980, Arcand choose personal emancipation and openly finds success. During this Conference two films in English. In parallel, there is a major change of aesthetic: photography and scenery work remembers Hollywood standards both by lighting the frames television evocations. Long print runs are seeing replaced by one line jokes. Arcand is preparing to make a film with a vocation for consensus, characters essentially bourgeois.

International recognition

International recognition finally arrived after the screening of the Le déclin de l’empire américain in 1986, film produced by himself. Three years later, their film jésus de montréal was nominated for the Academy Award as best film of non-English speaking. Consecration arrived with The barbarian invasions, film received an Academy Award for best non-English speaking film in 2004.

Also it will be also awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. Marie-Josée Croze picked up the award for best female performer, and Denys Arcand gets Palm for best screenplay. The film also won the César award for best director, best film and best original screenplay or adaptation.


* 1962: Seul ou avec d’autres

* 1963: The brazito theology 2

* 1964: Les Montréalistes

* 1967: Volleyball

* 1967: Parcs atlantiques

* 1967 – Between mer et l’eau douce Michel Brault (writer)

* 1967: Un jour d’été, Montréal

* 1970: On est au coton

* 1972: Quebec: Duplessis et après…

* 1972: La maudite galette

* 1973: réjeanne padovani

* 1975: Gina

* 1975: La Lutte des travailleurs d’hôpitaux

* 1982: Le Confort et l’indifférence

* 1984: Le Crime d’Ovide Plouffe

* 1986: Le Déclin of l’empire américain

* 1989: jésus de montréal

* 1991: Montréal vu par… (col·lectiu)

* 1993: De l’Amour et des restes humains

* 1996: joyeux calvaire

* 2000: Stardom

* 2003: The barbarian invasions

* 2007: L’Âge des ténèbres