James Francis Cameron (Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, 16 August 1954) is a director, screenwriter and Canadian film producer, known for films like the terminator, Titanic and Avatar, being these two latest that top the list of movies with more fundraising in box office history.

Childhood and youth

On the basis of her father’s work he moved to Orange County, California, in 1971.

After finishing his studies at the University of California married in 1974 the waitress Sharon williams that would start their long list of marriages and divorces. Meanwhile Cameron worked on different occupations as Machinist, truck driver, and at night school, bus driver could do what he liked and devoted himself to his hobby, write stories and also paint.

In 1977, in view Of the Star Wars universe he understood what was the cinema and therefore devoted himself in full to this. At age 25, of several minor works, came the opportunity address, although such experience somewhat disappointed you, for this reason he never returned to direct a film that had not been written by himself.

Films as director

James Cameron stands out as one of the film that more and better has contributed to science fiction. Seven films (to date), six of them belong to this genus. Since its inception, Cameron showed predilection for futuristic stories. Not in vain, he directed short Xenogenesis, heavily influenced by 2001 and star wars, a work whose greatest merit is to anticipate models and ideas that they cuajarán in future works.

2 Piranha: Vampires from the sea

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Working as a supervisor of special effects for roger corman, the producers were impressed when an arm, worms that were already dead, began to move as if they devorasen a real arm. The reason was that Cameron electrified the arm in a very clever way. This was to be hired as director for Piranha 2, but the experience would be disastrous, as Cameron would be dismissed when it had been three weeks of filming. Even so, some reasons of Cameron as the wreck beneath the sea may be perceived in the film.

The TerminatorMain article: The Terminator

Cameron soon gained a reputation as a skillful writer. Such was the case that hired him you to write the screenplay for two sequels, while he was engaged to write the expected outside his first film as director, respectively: Rambo: First Blood Part II, Aliens and the terminator.

Cameron was in a hotel of Rome, because of the shooting of a commercial, but a night suffered fever and dizziness. Account how in middle of the night awoke, febrile and drew something that today is a film icon: a Terminator emerging from a fireball.I knew that from the first film no one added you should write an argument itself to realize as a director. This was the germ of his first film, and one of the most important addressed. In his argument, computers were aware of their own and decided the extermination of humanity. However, the resistance would beat machines. However, the AI would try to change things by sending a Terminator, a machine with human, look into the past to kill the mother of the leading human future.

The film met a great commercial success and enthusiastic criticism. With her Cameron deleted his failed first film experience and showed as an ambitious and bright, capable of taking forward a very expensive project that would become an enduring classic.


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Before release his previous film, Cameron had already signed to do this, second part of the famous Alien from ridley Scott film that seven years earlier had fascinated world. Conform to sign a copy, Cameron continued investigating and refined style, building a coherent world of science fiction included and perfected that had been hinted at in the first movie. And he met a new public success entrenched him to direct his complex third feature film.

The Abyss

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Cameron had already written a treatment of this story when he was in adolescence, obsessed with deep sea and eager to build a story into your fantasies to them. The project was the most expensive in history to date, and Cameron demanded an almost inhuman overwork your computer to finish it. So much so that his lead actor, ed harris, today has not yet spoken with him. He met not as great as the two previous successful but it remains a unique project for underwater features.

Terminator 2

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We knew that one day would the second part of the film, and Cameron could not only OK to when Mario Kassar surprisingly announced at the Cannes Film Festival. To work around the clock, filmmaker managed to set one of his works more complete and better cohesive, expanding a universe which enriched even further.

True Lies

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Completely changing registry, Cameron was given a remake of a French comedy. Once again, surpassed his previous film budget to build more expensive history as film and had arnold schwarzenegger as a parody of other secret agents for the third time.


Main article: Titanic (1997)

Finally Cameron could fulfil the dream of his life leading to the big screen which boasts is the final version of the disaster of the rms titanic, which he turned into the most ambitious project of his career with a great historical reenactment mixed reality with a fictional love story. Actors Leonardo dicaprio and Kate winslet are often the hardness of an end shoot.

Spider-Man and Dark Angel (2000-2002)

Cameron spent some time working on a film project with the cartoon character of spider-Man, a project developed by Cannon Films Menahem Golan. Differences to focus on the role of the Golan Heights in the Carolco project emerged. A script which dates back to 1989 annex Cameron to the same name exists indicating wrongly that worked with a number of writers on the project (John Brancato, Barry [sic: Barney] Cohen, José goldmari [sic: “José goldman”, menahem Golan user ID] and Ted Newsom), but the script was identical to that which is presented to the Golan Columbia Pictures in 1988, when the project had never been developing (Cameron did not work with these writers at all).

After delivery of this script to Carolco (Cameron presented a 45-page story this producer) had similarities with other drafts Fund in particular one written by Ethan Wiley (writer of the House and the writer / director of the 2 House).

Carolco went bankrupt, all previous spider-Man treatment were acquired by MGM-UA, including the material of the “Cameron”, i.e. the multi-author indent both accredited aftertreatment Cameron. MGM, in turn, sold the material to Columbia Pictures for that Columbia abandon their plans to make an alternative to James Bond series based on material from Kevin McClory.

Permanently retired spider-Man project, Cameron went on TV and created dark Angel, about a superhero in a cyberpunk environment. jessica Alba played Max Guevara, a super soldier genetically enhanced by a secret organization. While the first season had appreciable success, the poor reviews and lack of spectators in the second led to its cancellation. Cameron directed the final chapter of the series, a two-hour episode that closed many of the loose ends of the frame.

Documentaries (2002-2009)

First projects in this decade in cinema, Cameron have included underwater documentaries Bismarck (Expedition: Bismarck, 2002) and of Ghosts of the Abyss and a documentary about the great profundades Aliens of the Deep sea fauna. He was also producer in the new version of Solaris.

Cameron is the main driver of 3D on commercial Chambers. In an interview in 2003 about his documentary Ghosts of the Abyss, mentioned that “I will do everything in 3D now”. You plan to create a project of 3 (d) on the first voyage to Mars. (“I’ve been very interested in the motion of human beings to Mars – the Mars Underground’ – and I have done a tremendous amount of personal research for a novel, a miniseries and a 3-D film”) [18] Is on the science team for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory [19].

Cameron announced on 26 of February 2007, which, together with its director Simcha Jacobovici, have documented the discovery of the tomb of Talpiot, which is supposed to be the tomb of Jesus. Discovered by Israel construction workers in 1980, the Tomb names have correlation with the names of Jesus and persons closely associated with him. Cameron also argues that DNA evidence, archaeological evidence, and Bible studies to back up your claim. [20] The documentary, the lost tomb of Jesus, was broadcast on Discovery Channel on March 4, 2007.Avatar and Battle Angel (2009)

In June 2005, Cameron announced he was working on a project initially entitled “project 880” (now known to be Avatar) in parallel with another project, battle Angel. [21] Both films would be filmed in 3D. In December, Cameron said he wanted first film Battle Angel, followed by Avatar. In February 2006, changed the objectives for its two new projects in film and decided to start with Avatar. He mentioned that if successful, would begin two Trilogies.

Avatar, with a budget estimated two hundred seventy million of dollars, has raised more than two thousand 700 million of dollars, and at the same time established a new record to be the first film to reach that amount as fast. It was presented in some countries on 17 December 2009 and the world on 18 September. Consists almost entirely of computer-generated animation.

Cameron will also produce and comes battle Angel, adapted from live action will be based on the first three volumes of the series of the same name in the Western world and is known as Japan, GUNNM work of yukito kishiro. Alita will apparently be a CG character based on any actress. As an Avatar, the movie will be a mix of CG and live action. Filming will be with the new digital 3D has been developed by Cameron for Avatar. In January 2005, Cameron stated that delay their films in 3D was due to still there enough rooms in the world that you leaving profitable.


Featured movies

* The magnificent seven space (artistic director, Visual effects) (1980)

* 1997… Rescue in New York (Visual effects) (1981)

* Piranha II (director) (1981)

* The Galaxy of terror (production design) (1981)

* The Terminator (director, screenplay) (1984)

* Rambo: Rambo part II (hyphen) (1985)

* Aliens, the return (Aliens) (director, screenplay) (1986)

* The secret of the abyss (the abyss) (director, screenplay) (1989).

* Terminator 2: judgment day (director, screenplay, producer) (1991)

* True Lies (director, screenplay, mounting, producer) (1994)

* Strange days (Strange days) producer mount (dash) (1995)

* Titanic (director, screenplay, mounting, producer) (1997)

* The Muse (actor) (1999)

* High Heels and Low Lifes (actor) (2000)

* Solaris (producer) (2002)

* Entourage actor (TV series) (2006)

* Avatar (director, screenplay, producer along with Marcos D. Molto) (2009)

* Battle Angel (director, screenplay) (2011)


* Ghosts of the Abyss (mysteries of the Titanic) (director and producer) (2001).

* James Cameron´s Expedition: Bismarck (co-director and producer) (2002).

* Aliens of the Deep (director, executive producer and Narrator) (2005).

* The exodus decoded (Executive producer and Narrator) (2006).

* The lost tomb of Jesus (Producer) (2007)