Devious Antonio (Zaragoza, 1936 – Madrid, 2004) was a film director, screenwriter and essayist Spanish.

Biographical notes

* This Aragon of pure strain and adoption, Madrid born at Zaragoza, prison from the uprising Franco (his mother was an anarchist), and always free spirit, brought a new way of conceiving the films in the decades of the 1960s and 1970s to Spanish cinematography.[ 1 ]

* He studied at the Official film school, where he made his first film, Doña Rosita the maiden, on the eponymous play by Federico García Lorca and own screenplay.

* Participates at the first international film workshops, Sitges (Barcelona) (1967). Which calls for “the creation of a film independent and free from any political or bureaucratic industrial structure”.[ 2 ]

* He was able to transform a so-called commercial film into a plea against power, as in the movie Pirates of The treasure of Captain Tornado, based on the novel by Joaquin Aguirre Bellver, [ 3 ] put in the mouth of the pirate “…””The treasure I don’t care, what I care is to send”.[ 4 ]

* Because it was also good writer and screenwriter, his incomplete “La history of el film que Nunca se ha writing”, was published by installments, perhaps as a tribute to writers of the past, using this form as a common means of narration in the Revista Adarga, gives good proof of this. With a solid background, its lexicon and how they develop the thoughts approached you structuralism.

* He wrote in “the history…”: “discourse logical Espectaculista work thus mode of Capital accumulation converted to image degradation.” “It’s the beginning of the fetishism of the merchandise, domination from suprasensible – the representation-the sensible world where replaced by a”selection”of existing images” behind the mirror”and that at the same time are presented as”significant”par excellence”.[ 5 ]

* His first documentary that showed the harsh reality of how living in some rural areas of Aragon, passes to reflections on the very essence of cinema, as in the three 11, white on white or I think that….

* Travesty, dog develops the theme of “the sores nun”, using a more affordable narrative, and though he surrounds successful actors at the moment, the stigma of “cursed” director prevents film range widely.

* His professional activities were not obstacle carry in his life intense militancy in the Movimiento Ibérico libertarian, or take time to communicate their deep cultural and experiential knowledge to the younger generations in the gatherings of the Café Gijón, in Madrid.


First installment of “the history…”

* Doña Rosita the maiden (1965).

* The treasure of Captain Tornado (1967) with Antonio ozores

* Three 11 (1968) short.

* White on white (1969) short.

* Monegros, documentary, (1969).

* I think that…( 1975), with Juan Diego and Concha Velasco

* Olavide, documentary (1976), short for Madrid official Architects Association

* Lawsuit to the Sun (1980), short

* Travesty, dog (1981), Amparo Muñoz, Fernando Rey and Cecilia roth

* Letters from Huesca (1993) with Óscar ladoire


* A drop of blood to die in love (1973), led by Eloy de la Iglesia (co-writer)

* Bodas de Sangre (1981), directed by Carlos saura (co-writer)



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