Rafael Azcona Fernández (Logroño, October 24, 1926 – Madrid, 24 March 2008)[ 1 ], Spanish writer. One of the greatest writers Spanish film. He started as a novelist and collaborated in his early days with humorous magazines of the era like the quail. In collaboration with the director Italian Marco ferreri in 1959 to adapt his novel the pisto provisionally entered the world of cinema, which already would never abandon.

In his words: “I write screenplays because I find it easier to write novels”.

His first scripts as the pisto, the pram, the executioner, etc., try the portrait of his era and denounces the misery that then prevailed. He always worked with directors to share their interest in reflect the reality of Spanish film.

Died March 24 2008 to 81 years old, after suffering from a lung cancer for some time.

Selected filmography

Movie ↓             Director ↓          Year ↓

The pisto             Marco Ferreri    1959

The pram             Marco Ferreri    1960

Plácido Luis García Berlanga        1961

Mafioso               Alberto Lattuada              1962

The executioner               Luis García Berlanga        1963

The great binge                Marco Ferreri    1973

The Anchorite   Juan Estelrich     1976

A man called Flor de Otoño         Pedro Olea         1978

The national shotgun     Luis García Berlanga        1978

Divorce next      Pedro Masó       1980

National heritage             Luis García Berlanga        1981

National III          Luis García Berlanga        1982

The Court of Pharaoh     José Luis García Sánchez               1985

The Heifer           Luis García Berlanga        1985

The year of the lights     Fernando Trueba             1986

The living forest                José Luis Cuerda               1987

Laura Spanish    Antonio Giménez-Rico 1988

Ay Carmela!       Carlos Saura       1990

Belle époque     Fernando Trueba             1992

Lorena Spain (and Portugal)        José Luis García Sánchez               1994

La Celestina        Gerardo Vera    1996

The girl of your dreams                 Fernando Trueba             1998

The language of the butterflies                 José Luis Cuerda               1999

Are sea                 Bigas Luna           2001

Blind sunflowers              José Luis Cuerda               2008


* 1982 National award for cinematography

* 1987 Medal of La Rioja

* 1988 Goya for best screenplay for the living forest.

* 1991 Goya for best screenplay adapted by Oh, Carmela!

* 1993 Goya for best original screenplay by belle époque.

* 1994 Goya for best screenplay adapted by Tyrant flags.

* 1994 Medal of gold of fine arts.

* 1998 Goya of honor.

* 2000 Writing in the Malaga Film Festival by goodbye with the heart.

* 2000 Goya best screenplay-adapted by the language of the butterflies.

* 2006 Ninth Malaga Film Festival Prize Ricardo Franco.

* 2007 Award of the fine arts of La Rioja.

* 2008 Goya for best screenplay adapted by blind sunflowers (shared with the director, José Luis Cuerda Award).

Documentaries about Rafael Azcona

* Office of screenwriter: directed by David trueba and broadcast on Canal Plus (2007).

* Rafael Azcona: directed by Fernando Olmeda. Issued in Cultural.es and RTVE (2009 and 2010) 2. Projected at the Seville Film Festival (2009) and the summer courses of the University Complutense of Madrid (2010).


1. To b died screenwriter Rafael Azcona

2.  illustrious – Riojanos Rafael Azcona.