Dunav Kuzmanic (born July 4, 1935, Valparaiso, [ 1 ] Chile; m August 9, 2008 in Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia), was a film director, screenwriter and Chilean librettist based in Colombia, Professor at the universities of the country where he developed his most extensive production.

Kuzmanic came to Colombia after work in their country with the Government of Salvador Allende and fled from the military coup of 1973. He directed five films which highlights Canaguaro (1981), about the period known as La Violencia and was the producer of soap operas, script writer and director of comedy Don Bedbug flagship production of Colombian television in the 1980s.[ 1 ] It has about twenty screenplays include condors not bury every day (1983), San Antoñito (1984) and the ship of dreams (1995).

To preserve their memory and disseminate his working method, in 2008 it was founded in Medellín – city where he lived nearly two decades – the Dunav Kuzmanich Corporation, consisting of more than thirty audiovisual directors, Faculty of film and television, visual artists, actors, social communicators and journalists



1. John Maula. Medium (1966). Chile.

2. Challenge. Medium (1967). Chile.

3. When dawn. Feature film (1971). Chile.

4. Canaguaro Feature film (1979) Colombia. That year nominated for the “Golden Montgolfiere” as best film.

5. The agony of the deceased. Feature film (1980). Colombia.

6. Settling of scores. Feature film (1983). Colombia.

7. Day of the Mercedes, the. Feature film (1985). Colombia.

8. Butterflies S.A. film (1987). Colombia.


Filmed scripts

1. John Maula and the Garrúo. Medium. (1966).

2. Challenge. Medium. (1967).

3. Help me you, compadre. Feature film. Co-author. (1968).

4. When dawn. Feature film. (1970).

5. The legs. Feature film. (1976).

6. The agony of the deceased. Feature film. Adaptation. (1979).

7. Canaguaro. (1981).

8. Adjustment accounts. Feature film. (1982).

9. Condors not bury every day. (1984).

10. San Antoñito. Feature film. Adaptation. (1984).

11. The day of the Mercedes. Feature film. Co-author.(1985).

12. The ship of dreams.(1996).

13. The Envoy. Feature film. Co-author. (1996). (Unfinished shooting).

Unpublished scripts

1. The two. Feature film. (1968).

2. Juan. Feature film. (1971).

3. Seven colors. Feature film. (1981).

4. The judges do not use white dress. Feature film. Co-author. (1983).

5. White River. Feature film. Co-author. (1988).

6. CUMBIA. Feature film. Co-author. (1993).

7. The Queen. Feature film. (1994).

8. Who is your love? Feature film. Co-author. (1999).

9. Recipes to remember. Feature film. Co-author. Ecuador. (2001).

10. The women of the party. Feature film. Co-author. (2003).

11. The swan song. Stage adaptation of Chekhov’s work. (2003).

12. Five centavitos. Feature film. (2004).

13. Back to Colombia. (2008).


1. The first plane. Canal 13 Chile Católica University program. Screenwriter. 1963-1964.

2. Chile underway. Film news. Chile films. Director. 1971.

3. The Witch of mine. SOAP Opera. RTI. Production. 1981.

4. Weed. SOAP Opera. Cameras in foreign and edit address. 1982.

5. Amalaia. SOAP Opera. Cameras in foreign and edit address. 1982-1983.

6. Farzán. Serial dramatized. Arguer.

7. Don Bedbug. Series. RTI. Script writer and director of cameras. 1982-1989 Stated by the daily El Tiempo as best series of the 20th century in Colombia television.

Design production

1. Apocalipsur (2005).


1. Cinema of violence. Four scripts: Canaguaro, Condors not bury every day, seven colors and the day of Las Mercedes. U. National Colombia. 1987.

2. Primer of Audiovisual [2] narrative. Ministry culture Colombia. 2008.