Pablo Larrain Matte (born 19 August 1976;) (Santiago, Chile) is a director and screenwriter Chilean. Son of the Minister of housing and urban development of the current Government, Magdalena matte and UDI Hernan LARRAIN President.


Born in Santiago Chile on 19 August 1976. After finishing school, he studied audiovisual communication at Uniacc University.

It is a founding partner of fable, a company dedicated to the development of cinema and commercial where played various projects.

In 2005 he directed his first feature film called leak, which was released commercially in Chile in March 2006.



* Vanishing (2006)

* Tony Manero (2008)

* Post Mortem (2010)


* Vanishing (2006)

* Tony Manero (2008)

* Post Mortem (2010)


* Life kills me (2007)

* Grade 3 (2009)


* Festival International of Torino (2008): best film (tony manero)

* Havana Film Festival (2008): Grand Coral (tony manero)

* Warsaw (2008) International Festival: Special Jury Prize (tony manero)

* Festival International Istanbul (2009): best film (tony manero)

* Rotterdam International Film Festival (2009): KNF (tony manero) award

* Festival of cinema of Antofagasta – best film (post mortem)

] Nominations

* Ariel Awards (2009): Best film Iberoamericana (tony manero)

* 2009 Altazor award: Best Director (tony manero)