Edmundo Eichelbaum, known as “mondy” among his friends, was a poet, journalist and film critic argentino in Buenos Aires on 9 June 1923 and died in Paris, France, where resided, 13 April 2004. He was the son of Samuel eichelbaum playwright and journalist Edmund Guibourg nephew.

Professional activities

He studied law at Universidad Nacional de buenos aires, where he earned the title of scribe, but left his profession for his passion for entertainment and literature. So joined the film Club film people, whose Board of Directors joined, allowing it to alternate with critics so talented and popular as Raymond r. Calcagno (Calki); King, Salvador sammaritano, Sunday Di Núbila and Héctor grossi and learn expressions of that art and the most audacious filmmakers international avant-garde.

From a very young man was devoted – cinema, theatre, literature – cultural criticism and journalism. He worked at newspapers in Buenos Aires democracy, La Razón and El Mundo – that he was a correspondent in Paris and published collaborations in the daily Clarín and magazines at a glance and confirmed. He was director of the magazine pen and brush and participated in numerous radio programs.

He accompanied from the start to the Festival of cinema of Mar del Plata international and participated in the film Argentina reporters Association. He was also a screenwriter in several films directed by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, among them A handsome of the 900 and the holy sword. He was Professor of aesthetics and history of the cinema at the National University of La Plata and taught English at the University of Paris IV, France.

EICHELBAUM, who was a member of the Academy of Tango in Paris, wrote one of the warm and accurate biographies of Gardel, Carlos Gardel, the golden age of tango that registers Spanish and French editions and also various collaborations for Tango history published by Editorial Corregidor in several volumes. In addition, 1963 published her book of poems, segregated signs, reissued and expanded in 2003.

His death

EICHELBAUM died in Paris, France, where resided since 1981, April 13, 2004 from a heart attack. Currently married with Esther Cisneros and it had been at first marriage was with Berta Esion had four children.



* Martin Fierro (1968)

* The keyhole (1966)

* The evil of the stubble (1965)