Hector Echavarria,(n._Corrientes,_6_de_diciembre_de_1969) is an actor, martial artist and film director Argentine.

History of professional wrestler

Héctor echavarría began his training in martial arts at age 4 and his competitive career at age 14 in his native country, Argentina. Echavarría kickboxing tournaments has won in Argentina and South America, and won the Championship of the USKA (United States Karate Association) of South America facing the final Germán Bermúdez.

This fighter became the WKA (World Association of Karate and Kickboxing) world – champion when he knocked out Kenny Walton, who was England, kickboxing champion and world champion of the ITF (International Taekwondo Federation). Kenny Walton is currently coach of the national team of England taekwondo.

Héctor Echavarría won other Championships and titles including of WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) where he won a gold medal in the National Championships in the United States, and also won the World Championship of kung Fu. He graduated also USKA (United States Karate Association) professional karate world champion by defeating champion American Karate and sports celebrity, Randolf McLain. Match Echavarría McClain was the first professional fight of martial arts was televised throughout South America event that took place in the prestigious Luna park in Buenos Aires, in front of 14000 spectators. John Pashivas, President USKA, then handed championship belt to Echavarría. (Other champions of actors and USKA were chuck norris, Bill Wallace).

In his career, Echavarría has knocked down to people like Peter Florindo, Kenny Walton, Norden Blade (WAKO – World Association Kickboxing Organization – European champion) and Jean François Warani (Italian national champion of the WAKO), among others.

Héctor Echavarría was elected as fighter of the 2000 full-contact United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in the United States. It was also nominated to represent ISKA (International Karate and Kickboxing Association) for all Latin America. He has appeared in more than 20 covers of magazines in martial arts and sports such as: “Black Belt Magazine”, “inside Karate”, “Men’s Fitness” and “Martial Arts Illustrated”, among others. “blackbelt Magazine” named him as ever: “The next martial arts movie star”.

This Argentine is considered an innovator in the world of martial arts. But his competitive career in martial arts is only a small part of its history. It has also helped sports champions and martial arts star to achieve its full potential. Some celebrities and Super athletes include: Kendra Wilkinson (Super-Playboy star and star of “the girls next door”), three-time former world champion of boxing Héctor “macho” Camacho; also the football player winning the Super bowl and the NFL new england patriots Professional to del Greco.


Héctor Echavarría was born in Corrientes, Argentina December 6, 1969. Is 5’11 “(1. 80 m) and weighs 186 lbs (84.4kg).” Child suffered from asthma, and his parents recall turns hamacando him in a wheelchair so she could breathe. His father sought help and finally found acupuncture and lessons learned from the first monk Shaolin to come out of China [appointment required], Grand Master Tung Kou Tsao.

Although the wrestler future was only four years old, master Tung recommended Learn tai Chi chuan, because it would help him with his respiratory problem. It was then that at this early age Héctor began to learn Tai Chi Chuan and Chinese boxing. At age six he had begun training in judo and jujutsu under Kodokan great master Miyamoto and ten years later was a connoisseur of Karate, kung Fu and Taekwondo became a complete athlete. It was at this time he became the youngest kickboxer to enter in a ring Professional with 14 years of age and in his hometown of currents.

Some sources suggest that Echavarría began on the streets for money. When I was 14 would have been warned for Justice that leave this activity, and it is then that he decided to become a professional fighter. Shortly after traveling to the United States for the first time.

It was here where he trained under Grand Master Robert Trias. Finally, ed parker (who had helped Bruce Lee film), discovered Echavarría. His charisma made him stand out in the ring and then would take him to the movies. While looking for place to open a gym in Miami, he met the Publisher of “Miami Vice”, Carol meyers, who took him to act and got you an audition. Héctor Echavarría appeared in the first chapter of 1987 “Miami Vice” season “Down for the Count”.

Several years later, while doing a demonstration on television, an Argentine producer saw him and gave him a role in the film “Los extermineitors” action. The success of “Los extermineitors” became two films and later “queue Brigade”, a television series. Finally he helped to create a comic strip based on their skills of martial artist in the “billiken” magazine. Echavarría currently has her own line of merchandise, including posters, toys, hairbands, vests, nunchaku, and other objects.

He currently lives in Hollywood, California, which has formed his own company of production and distribution of films, Destiny Entertainment Productions. This company focuses on martial arts films, focused on Latin America market.

Film career

Echavarría began his film career in 1987, appearing in Miami Vice, chapter down for the count. He has appeared in several films in Hollywood as confessions Of A pit fighter, alongside armand assante, Duel Of Legends to Carey tagawa, among others.

In 2009 she made a film called Never Surrender takes the leading role as Diego Carter, a World Wrestling Champion. In this film, acting, is writer and director

His directing career

1. King of the Cage (2010)

2. Duel of Legends (2009)

3. Hell’s Chain (2009)

4. Never Surrender (2009)

5. Death Calls (2009)


1. King of the Cage (2010)

2. Death Warrior (2008)

3. Duel of Legends (2009)


1. King of the Cage (2010)

2. Risk for Honor (2010)

3. Death Warrior (2008)

4. Duel of Legends (2009)

5. Hell’s Chain (2009)

6. Never Surrender (2009)

7. Death Calls(2009)

8. Hotel California ((2008))

9. Lake Dead (2007)

10. The Falkland Man (2001)

11. Extreme Force (2001)


1. King of the Cage (2010)…. Ringo Duran

2. Death Warrior (2008)…. Reinero

3. Duel of Legends (2009)…. Dax cross

4. Hell’s Chain (2009)…. Robert Santos

5. Never Surrender (2009)…. Diego Carter

6. Death Calls (2009)…. Gabriel

7. Confessions of to Pit Fighter (2005)…. Eddie Castle

8. Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)…. Ultimate Fighter

9. The Falkland Man (2001)…. Hector Riviera

10. “The fat and the thin” (1 episode, 2001)

11. Extreme Force (2001)…. Marcos DeSantos

12. extermineitors iii: the big final fight (1991)

13. Brigade queue (1990) TV series…. Hector (1990)

14. extermineitors ii: revenge of the Dragon (1990)

15. The extermineitors (1989)

16. “Miami Vice”…. Batista (1 episode, 1987)