Eduardo del Llano (Moscow, 1962) is a writer, University Professor and writer Cuban.

Degree in Art history at the University of Havana in 1985, during the 1980s it was composed in the Us-and-other theatrical and literary group. He formed with Jorge goldenberg, tom abrams and Walter bernstein in the elaboration of screenplays, at the time that was developing his work as Professor at the Faculty of Arts and letters at the University of Havana (Latin American art history and photography).

Short film Monte Rouge – satire on the work of the Cuban State security-, was critical of the regime in Cuba and was qualified at some time in underground, but Eduardo Llano clarified that it was not a clandestine film, but that was not funded by the Cuban Institute of art and film industry.


In their film role include:

* Alice in the town of wonders of Daniel Díaz Torres (co-writer, 1991).

* kleines tropikana Daniel Díaz Torres (co-writer, 1997).

* Life is to whistle Fernando Pérez (co-writer, 1998).

* Do Swedish by Daniel Díaz Torres (co-writer, 2000).

* Dalí Salvador Fernando timossi (co-writer, 2001).

* Madrigal, Fernando Perez (co-writer, 2006).

* Academy. A surrealist passion Lucas Fernández (2008 co-screenwriter)


* Monte Rouge (short film, 2005)

* High Tech (short film, 2005)

* Photoshop (short film, 2006)

* Homo Sapiens (short film, 2006)

* Brainstorm (short film, 2009)


In his facet as a writer, include:

* Twelve apostates (1994).

* Nostalgia for the slug (1993) (poetry).

* The elefantico green (children’s literature), (1993).

* Criminals (stories) (1994).

* The clessidra di Nicanor (1997).

* Obstacle, (1997).

* Nicanor trips (stories) (2000).

* Three, (2002).

* The kiss and the plan (stories).


Has obtained literary Publisher Awards April in 1988 and 1992; Italo Calvino award in 1996 and the Cuban revolution short story award in 1998. Hyphenated life is to whistle he obtained the prize of the Sundance Film Festival.