Edward Dmytryk (Grand Forks, Canada, 4 September 1908 – Encino, United States, 1 July 1999) was a filmmaker American Ukrainian. Dmytryk was one of the components of the Hollywood ten, the film that was created during the witch hunts of the writer industry blacklist.

Life and career

Although born in Grand Forks, Canada, Dmytryk grew up in San Francisco when Ukrainian parents moved to the United States. It was not until the age of 31 when naturalized American.

Their best films before the maccarthista period were crossroads of hatred, so received a nomination for the Oscar for Best Director, and a detective story, the film adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel.

Witch hunt

Appeared before the House UN-American activities Committee (HUAC), which refused to cooperate by what was sent to jail. After stay several months in prison, Dmytryk took the decision to testify again and give names of members of the American Communist Party. 25 April 1951, Dmytryk it would appear in the HUAC again, confessing his Communist during a brief period of 1945 party membership and where also confessed 26 members of groups in lefts like John Howard Lawson, Adrian Scott, Albert Maltz name. Regarding the latter, Dmytryk denounced their pressure to incorporate propaganda messages left in his films.

Exile and great films

After these facts Dmytryk moved to England, where he worked alongside Stanley Kramer as a producer in the realization of the Caine Mutiny. In spite of his exile, worked for major studios such as Columbia, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Paramount Pictures, films as, among others, the left God’s hand (1955), the tree of life (1957) and the dance of the damned (1958).

In his films, intervened big stars such as Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Gene Tierney, Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Montgomery Clift, and Marlon Brando. With Barbara Stanwyck made the daring first Walk On The Wild Side (Black Cat), film where clearly referred to lesbianism.

Recent years

In the 1970s, his career was a certain decline which chose to teach at the University of Texas, and at the University of Southern California to wrote numerous books address until his death in 1999 at the age of 90.


* The sons of Hitler (1942) (Hitler’s Children).

* Captive Wild Woman (1943)

* Seven miles from Alcatraz (1942) (Seven Miles from Alcatraz)

* My life partner (1943) (Tender himself)

* After the rising sun (1943) (Behind the Rising Sun)

* A detective story (1944) (Murder, My Sweet)

* Revenge (1945) (Cornered)

* The patrol Colonel Jackson (1945) (Back to Bataan)

* Until the end of time (1946) (Till the End of time)

* Crossroads of hatred (1947) (Crossfire)

* Eight Iron Men (1952)

* The sniper (1952)

* Forgotten men (1953) (The Juggler)

* Broken spear (1954) (Broken Lance)

* The Caine Mutiny (1954) (The Caine Mutiny)

* Live a great love (1954) (The End of the Affair)

* God’s left hand (1955) (The Left Hand of God)

* Appointment in Hong Kong (1955) (Soldier of Fortune)

* The tree of life (1956) (Raintree County)

* The sinister mountain (1956) (The Mountain)

* The dance of the damned (1958) (The Young Lions)

* The man with guns gold (1959) (Warlock)

* The man who did not want to be holy (1962) (The reluctant saint)

* The black cat (1962) (Walk on the Wild Side)

* The insatiable (1964) (The Carpetbaggers)

* Where was the love (1964) (Where love has gone)

* Mirage (1965) (Mirage)

* Alvarez Kelly (1966) (Alvarez Kelly)

* Shalako (1968) (Film)

* The battle of Anzio (1968) (Antium)

* Beard blue (1972) (Bluebeard)

* Victims of terrorism (1975) (The Human Fact