Tom DiCillo (born August 14, 1953) is a film director, director of photography and screenwriter.

Studied filming at an Institute of the University of New York, subsequently working as an actor, film and then began to make their own films from independent filmmakers. It is mostly known for films such as Delirious and living in Oblivion, which was highly praised by critics and was nominated for Independent Spirit award and the Sundance Film Festival.

Early years

Tom DiCillo was born in 1953 in Camp LeJeune, North Carolina. It is the second of three brothers, his father was a Colonel in the Marine Corps of United States. As a result DiCillo moved every two years to various military bases and small towns in the country.[ 3 ] Her father is Italian and her mother is originally from New England.

It has lived in California, Virginia, North Carolina, New York and Bangkok, Thailand. Attended three primary schools, two secondary and two reformatory.

He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Old Dominion University in Norfolk in 1975. He moved to New York in 1976 where he attended NYU Graduate Film School. During this period he wrote and directed six short films and received Paulette Goddard Scholarship. He graduated in 1979 and quickly began to work cleaning up the floor in a Pepsi commercial.

Then studied acting for eight years. Worked in numerous works in small theatres in New York, and he also appeared in several independent movies. In 1984, DiCillo worked as director of photography and actor in Stranger Than Paradise of his friend and classmate Jim Jarmusch.

Film career

His first film as director, Johnny Suede, included then-unknown Brad Pitt and Catherine Keener in the cast would their first what both. Received a nomination at the Sundance Film Festival.

With her second film, living in Oblivion, DiCillo received good reviews by its satire of an independent film. This black comedy, released in 1995, was precisely produced independently and with a low budget. The cast included Steve Buscemi playing “Nick”, a director who by his actors and his team. Catherine Keener repeated as the protagonist of the film actress. Dermot Mulroney was director of photography in crisis, and James LeGros budding star that saboteaba filming with his whims of Idol. DiCillo often denied in their interviews that this character is based on his own experience with Brad Pitt. The inspiration and source of living in Oblivion, in an interview described do a film like “one of the most tedious, boring, and painful experiences, and that only” when you’re well.

His scripts books were published in living in Oblivion and Box of Moon Light. Both books contain complete scripts, comments on the production and shooting films, and anecdotes from the hand of the own DiCillo.

In 2001, double setback, was released directly in vhs and dvd, while featured Elizabeth Hurley, and Denis Leary, among the cast.

Five years later launched sefue Delirious, a comedy-drama starring Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, and Alison Lohman, and with the participation of the singer Elvis Costello. Premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival, where he won three awards (Silver Concha Best Director, best screenplay, and the prize) to originality. The film was also screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. And won the award for best director at “HBO Comedy Film Festival”. Starring Steve Buscemi says: “the script I liked, but it was a little strange because when showed me it first did not understand the character who wanted to play.” But great Tom was willing to work with me, I could tell you things you didn’t understand and he worked on it and was willing to listen to my doubts. It is always great to work with someone so open. “Tom is a very clear idea of what you want to do, and I am always interested in your point of view.”

In January 2009 presented at the Sundance Film Festival, When You re Strange, a documentary about the band The Doors narrated by Johnny Depp which includes material inedito. To see an episode of Law and Order diridigo by DiCillo, the producer responsible for the project, impressed by the work of the director, NBC called him to direct the documentary. DiCillo commented: “I was in my apartment, the phone rang offered me the project, and for the first time in my life that I had to do was say ‘yes’ and begin working”.


As director and screenwriter

Year       Original title        Spanish title       Genre   Cast

Lost in Blue                         Romantic comedy

2009       When You’re Strange                     Documentary    Johnny Depp (Narrator)

2006       Delirious              Delirious              Comedy

Drama   Steve Buscemi

Michael Pitt

Alison Lohman

Gina Gershon

Elvis Costello

Kevin Corrigan

Minnie Driver

2001       Double Whammy             Double setback                 Comedy


Thriller Denis Leary

Elizabeth Hurley

Steve Buscemi

Luis Guzmán

1997       The Real Blonde               A real blonde     Romantic comedy

Drama   Matthew Modine

Catherine Keener

Daryl Hannah

Elizabeth Berkley

Bridgette Wilson

Christopher Lloyd

Kathleen Turner

Denis Leary

Steve Buscemi

Dave Chappelle

1996       Box of Moon Light           Box of Moonlight: box of moon light       Comedy

Drama   John Turturro

Sam Rockwell

Catherine Keener

Dermot Mulroney

1995       Living in Oblivion              Live shooting

Living in oblivion               Comedy

Drama   Steve Buscemi

Catherine Keener

Dermot Mulroney

Peter Dinklage

Kevin Corrigan

1991       Johnny Suede   Johnny Suede   Romantic comedy            Brad Pitt

Catherine Keener

Samuel l. Jackson

Nick Cave

[Edit] As director of photography

* Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) (segment “Strange To Meet You”)

* End of the Night (1990)

* Laura Act (1989)

* The Beat (1988)

* Robert Wilson and the Civil Wars (1987)

* Robinson no niwa (1987)

* Stranger Than Paradise (1984)

* Burroughs (1983)

* Variety (1983)

* Underground U.S.A. (1980)

* Permanent Vacation (1980)

[Edit] Other work as director

* Law & Order: Criminal Intent (5 episodes, 2006-2010)

Delicate (2010)

Last Rites (2008)

Offense (2007)

Players (2007)

Weeping Willow (2006)

* Lights Out (one episode)

Episode # 1.6

* Monk (an episode, 2003)

Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy (2003)