Enrique Garcia (Madrid, Spain;) (2 June 1971), digital film director, film producer, screenwriter, and founding partner of Silverspace film production company specializing in 3D animation and special effects.


He started very young with reading novels and comics, drawing and photography, accompanied by a family which fostered the humanist culture (always had a good book to read in the library of the parents), and creativity, with a father publicist who taught him the value of the good ideas. The closest thing to the Internet which had then were public libraries which enabled her to devour hundreds of comics and adventure books.

The advent of computing to Spanish households with the Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodores in the 1980s did arise your interest in the newly born computer graphics world. This is something that made self-taught with an Amstrad CPC 6128, which only had applications, and where the database to create animations was the Basic programming.

Then studied a Bachelor’s degree in computer science at San Sebastián, when there was still the subject of “Computer graphics”, but it helped him to acquire the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to behave with ease in a complex field is the production of 3D animation.

The last year of the race was done at the University “Albert-Ludwigs”, of Freiburg im Bresigau in Germany thanks to an Erasmus scholarship where he specialized in “Digital image processing”, and carried out a project on Fractals with Professor dietmar saupe.

A year later he won another scholarship European (COMETT) to work in a company of software development for medical applications, “kinetic imaging” in Liverpool (UK) where he worked on digital image processing 2D images of microscope for research on cancer (leukemia) for Fetal pathology department and children’s “Royal Liverpool Hospital”.

Thanks to its experience in “kinetic imaging”, and the proximity of this company with the scientific world, he won another scholarship, which later became a contract, this time to work as “research associate” treatment and analysis of 3D imagery of confocal laser scanning microscopy for the U.S. Energy Department.UU. at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, next to the prestigious scientist stephen j. Lockett.

His work in breast cancer research for 3 years in the laboratory of the Government of the United States.UU., cradle of 11 Nobel laureates (since his Nobel Prize winners have gone on seven Spanish) developing 3D image analysis software, and using Virtual reality tools allowed him to experience firsthand the latest developments and advances in 3D visualization and thus the emerging 3D animation software.

The fact of living and working in California during that time, a place located in full “Silicon Valley”, only a few blocks of “Pixar”, and so near San Francisco, and Los Angeles (visited then Universal Studios and paramount pictures) was very instrumental in creating “Silverspace”, his own film production company specializing in 3D animation and special effects.


* 2010 – Daisy cutter (Cutter of daisies)

* 2008 – Looking to the sky (Executive producer, digital special effects Supervisor)

* 2007 – perpetuum mobile

* 2004 – An action hero (Assistant Director, Actor, digital special effects, picture fixed, Making of)

* 2003 – Atípico (producer, Actor, photo sets, Making of)

* 2003 – Zero credit (direction Assistant, photo sets, Making of)

* 2003 – Ecosystem (digital special effects)

* 2002 – Family (photo fixed direction Assistant)

* 2001 – Roses from the South (Actor, photo sets, Making of)

* 2001 – The Neuroutopista

* 1998 – the atlantis (Editor)

Business Awards

* GAZTEMPRESA award: most innovative of the year 2005 company

* AJEBASK award, young entrepreneurs: company disclosure 2006

* Prize DABILEN HARRIA, Alava’s Journal News: Álava 2007 drivers

Film awards

* Animation award, California Independent Film Festival, USA

* Animation award, the International Film Festival Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

* Animation award, Da Vinci Film Festival, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

* Gold excellence, Park City Film Music Festival, Utah, USA

* Animation award, Digifestival.net, Florence, Italy

* Animation Prize, L’ N’uovo di Napoli, Naples, Italy

* Silver bear, Festival of Nations, Ebensee, AUSTRIA

* ART FUTURA award 2nd, better 3D Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Palma de Mallorca, Vitoria, Vigo, Spain

* Prize animation, Audiovisual pageant Vilagarcía, Pontevedra, Spain Liceo-Casino

* Award for best screenplay, ZINEBI International Festival and documentary in Bilbao, Spain

* Special prize of the jury to the soundtrack, Festival row, Valladolid, Spain

* Audience award, XI Fant-cut, Vitoria, Spain

* Audience award, IBERTIGO, sample of Latin American cinema, Las Palmas, Spain

* Mention special animation, ACE Awards, Spanish short film Agency

* Award for the soundtrack, journey short, Madrid, Spain

* Award for artistic excellence, Almunia, Zaragoza, Spain Festival    * Special mention to the animation Festival “Living film”, Buñol, Valencia, Spain

Official selections

* Nominated for the GOYA 2008 prizes

* Selecting official SIGGRAPH 2007, San Diego, USA

The biggest international event of animation and digital special effects film

* Official selection ‘on the LOT’ and Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett

* Official selection “the rebel planet film Festival of Hollywood”, Hollywood, the Angeles, USA

* Official selection “shriekfest”, the Los Angeles Horror / Sci-Fi Film Festival, the Angeles, USA

* Palm Springs Shortfilm Festival, Palm Springs, California, USA

* CINEQUEST Film Festival San Jose, California, USA

* 31st. ATLANTA International Film Festival, USA

* H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, Portland, Oregon, USA

* Expression in short, Guanajuato, Mexico

* 11th. Ismailia Film Festival, Egypt

* ZENDAI MOMA, Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, CHINA

* Selection official in SITGES (Anima’t), Festival Internacional de cinema de Catalunya

* 17 Festival of fantasy film and Terror de San Sebastián, Spain

* ANIMADRID, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain

* ANIMACOR, Córdoba, Spain

* WORLDS digital, a Coruña, Spain

urriculum vitae (academic training)

* Specialization in Digital image processing

Albert-Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) 1993-1994

Scholarship ERASMUS granted by the Vice President for international relations (University of the Basque country)

* Bachelor of information technology applications

San Sebastian (University of the Basque country) 1989-1994 information technology faculty


* German (Grundstufe I), 1993 (Vitoria)

* German (Grundstufe II) 1994 Volkhochschule (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany)

* Safety course in the management of laser, 1996 (Berkeley, California, USA.)UU. )

* Confocal Microscopy, 1997 (San Jose, California, USA.)UU. )

* Photonics West Annual Symposium, 1997 (San Jose, California, USA.)(UU.)

* Advanced T3E Usage Topics, 1998 (Berkeley, California, USA.)(UU.)

Training course for the efficient use of supercomputers “Cray T3E” given by NERSC (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center) of the U.S. Department of energy .United States

* Cinema & Artificial Life, FILM STUDIES DEPARTMENT, 1998 (University of Berkeley, California, USA.)UU. )

* Voice Technique, MUSIC DEPARTMENT, 1998 (University of Berkeley, California, USA.)UU. )

* Figure Drawing, ART DEPARTMENT, 1998 (University of Berkeley, California, USA.)UU. )

* Future of Filmmaking in a Digital Age, Sept 1998, U.C. Berkeley Extension (San Francisco, California, USA.)UU. )

* Conference of the Audiovisual medium: Gender à la carte, 1998 (Vitoria)

* Group Theatre CARPE DIEM, 1999 (Vitoria)

* Electronic art seminar: art and new technologies, 1999 (Vitoria)

* Course of contemporary dance (Academy transfers) Vitoria, 2000

* EGUK 2000 – EUROGRAPHICS UK Chapter 2000, Swansea U.K.

* Computer graphics (3D animation, MAYA) course I Master Virtual reality of the University of Deusto. 2001 (Vitoria)

* CATIA ADVANCED API V5 Foundations Training (Dassault Systemes / IBM) 2001 (Barcelona)

* International Conference on cinema and image synthesis, a Coruña, July 2002


Selected projects in CARTOON FORUM 2004, Córdoba, 2004 “Pitching” workshop

* Course co-production and international sales for Series of animation (A.E.P.A.), Madrid, 2004.

Aimed at producers and distributors of animation on submission of draft sets of animation, co-production at international level and marketing on the world market.