José Luis García Muñoz Madrid, 20 January 1944), José Luis garci, is a producer, critic, TV, host literary author, screenwriter and film director Spanish.


Born in 1944 in a family of Asturian descent. When he finished the pre-university course, Garci began to work as administrative assistant at a bank.

Literary work

Film lover from an early age, his film devotion takes you to exercise as a critic in several cinema magazines from the twenty years, including sign and Garci. At the same time began to write his first literary short stories especially for science fiction, receiving for these works different critical accolades including stories Golden Gate award. In 1968 the Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos awarded the prize “for the best literary work’.

In addition to his film work, he wrote and published stories of science fiction were then edited in various journals. Highlights include titles such as: Bibidibabibidibú, Adam blake or La Gioconda is sad. Ray Bradbury, humanist of the future and a monograph to the science fiction encyclopedia Buru-Lan movies he published as an essayist.

From 1972 begins his career of screenwriter to participate in the film script for Antonio Giménez-Rico (El Cronicón), León klimovsky (the House of the chivas), Pedro Olea (it is not good that the man is only), Eloy de la Iglesia (A drop of blood to die to love), Antonio drove (my wife is very decent as it should be) or Roberto Bodegas (married life healthy and new Spaniards). Writer of the famous movie cabin, by Antonio Mercero (1972), then directed his first short films: to football!, My Marilyn (both 1975) and acobardada people time (1976). In 1980 he filmed a short documentary film on the persona of Alfonso Sánchez Martínez film critic and titled, precisely, Alfonso Sánchez.

Feature films

In 1977, he directed the pending subject film, a love story between a former boyfriends couple that runs parallel to the social and political changes. The film had an exceptional reception from critics and audience become more representative of Spanish film of transition success. This followed Solos in the early morning (1978), the green meadows (1979), Viva middle class (as actor, 1980), crack (1981) and begin again (1982), which deals with a writer who has been awarded the Nobel literature prize and eturns to his home town of Gijón, after many years of exile. It was the first Spanish film awarded with the Hollywood Academy Award for best non-English speaking film.

He later directed crack II (1983); Continuous session (1984), was nominated for an Academy Award for best film language, like that adopted course (1987) – which Garci manages the Academy Goya Spanish the best director, and the grandfather (1998). Also directs Lullaby (1994), the luminous wound (1997), You’re the One (a story of the time) (2000), history of a kiss (2002), Carousel c. 1950 (2004), Ninette (2005), light of Sunday (2007) and blood may (2008).

The scripts are usually yours, written jointly with José Maria Gonzalez-Sinde, Angel Llorente and Horacio valcárcel. Artistic director Gil parrondo is also a recurring contributor as well as locations in different places of Asturias since 1982.

Its most common actors include, in the first stage, José Sacristán, fiorella faltoyano and Mary Casanova and later Alfredo Landa, Agustín González and Carlos Hippolytus.

Television and radio

Also directed a series of TV movies, stories from the other side, where he plays for the first time the genre which, at the beginning of his career was considered expert: the fantástico-terrorífico. The thirteen-part series premiered in public televisión española (TVE), in may 1991.

Great lover and defender of American film tradition for ten years and until December 2005 directed and presented the program how large is the cinema! TVE fought because film quality of all time was within the reach of todos.It has been host and director of radio programmes dedicated to the world of cinema in various radio stations Spanish Antena 3 Radio Cadena COPE, esRadio, where he is currently collaborating together with Eduardo Torres-Dulce of midnight Cowboys program, directed and presented by Luis Herrero.

Since the year [[2003] is married to actress argentina Andrea Tenuta, mother of his son, was previously joined Pilar flags (1986 – 1988) and Ana Maria Lestos (1973 – 1976).]


* 1977 – Pending subject.

* 1978 – In the early morning Solos.

* 1979 – The green meadows.

* 1981 – Crack

* 1982 – A fresh start.

* 1983 – The 2nd Crack.

* 1984 – Continuous session.

* 1987 – Approved course.

* 1988 – Mnemos.

* 1994 – Lullaby.

* 1997 – The luminous wound.

* 1998 – Grandpa.

* 2000 – You’re the one (a story of the time).

* 2002 – History of a kiss.

* 2004 – Carousel c. 1950.

* 2005 – Ninette.

* 2007 – Light of Sunday.

* 2008 – May blood.


* 1972 Cinema (Buru Lan editions), collective.

Awards and nominations

Academy Awards

Year       Category              Movie   Result

1998       Best non-English speaking film   The grandfather               Candidate

1987       Best non-English speaking film   Adopted subject              Candidate

1984       Best non-English speaking film   Continuous session         Candidate

1982       Best non-English speaking film   Start over            Winner

Goya Awards

Year       Category              Movie   Result

2005       Best adapted screenplay              Ninette                Candidate

2004       Best film              Carousel c. 1950                Candidate

2000       Best film

Best director

Best original screenplay                You’re the One (a story of the time)        Candidate

1998       Best film

Best director

Best adapted screenplay              The grandfather               Candidate

1994       Best film

Best director

Best adapted screenplay              Lullaby Candidate

1987       Best director      Adopted subject              Winner

Cinema writers circleYear             Category              Movie   Result

2007       Best adapted screenplay              Sunday light       Winner

2000       Best director      You’re the One (a story of the time)        Winner

1998       Best film

Best adapted screenplay              The grandfather               Winner


1994       Best film

Best director      Lullaby Winner


1981       Best screenplay                Crack     Winner

1975       Best short film   My Marilyn         Winner

1968       Literary work Jose de la Cueva   Winner