Enrique Piñeyro (Genoa, Italy, 1956) is a filmmaker and Argentine, Italian-born actor.

Aeronautical physician, activist and researcher of air accidents and former pilot transport airline “Commander” of LAPA (private Argentine air lines) is.

Piñeyro joined LAPA in 1988 and resigned in 1999. During his tenure with the airline reported bad operational status of it and its aircraft suffered serious shortcomings and irregularities. 31 August of that year in flight 31342 65 people were killed.

As aeronautical doctor was commissioned to investigate the accident flight 2553 Austral in 1997.

After several work in films as an actor, Piñeyro and Verónica cure created Aquafilms, a film production company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2004 he directed and starred in her first film, Whiskey Romeo Zulu, based on the true story of the tragedy of LAPA. Shortly after he presented the documentary “Force air S.A.” and in 2010 presented the film “rati horror show”



* 1991: Wiring.

* 1999: garage Olimpo.

* 2000: Waiting for the Messiah.

* 2001: Figli/children.

* 2003: Sleeping Sun.

* 2004: Whiskey Romeo Zulu.

* 2005: North-East.

* 2007: Hotel Tivoli.

* 2010: rati Horror show.

* 2010: Abduction and death.


* 2004: Whiskey Romeo Zulu.

* 2006: Force air company.

* 2008: Bye bye life.

* 2010: Snows of time. Short.

* 2010: rati Horror show.