Felipe Aljure is a film director and screenwriter born in the city of Girardot Colombia. He studied art and technique of film making in London. Aljure has been characterized by present technical and narrative innovations in Colombia through his two films, has also started as University director of television series, teaching and other cultural areas of the country.


In 1991 he performs his first feature film the people of the Universal, which he received critical acclaim for his attempt to explore new narrative forms, however due to limited financial support to film production in the country it is not until 2006 that manages to release his second colombian dream feature to overcome a number of disadvantages in production; This film presents major technical innovations not seen before in a domestic production, but receives found reactions from the public and critics. Links to the team of love in the time of cholera, which has served as director of the second unit on the film and Colombian actors casting director in 2006. In this film he had the opportunity of working together with British director Mike newell and all foreign production team travelled to the city of Cartagena de Indias where filming took place. The film will be released in November 2007.



* Colombian dream (2006)

* People of the Universal (1995)


* Colombian dream

* People of the Universal

* María Cano (1989)

Assistant Director

* Rodrigo d future non