Fernando Birri (* 13 March 1925, City of Santa Fe, Argentina) is a filmmaker and theorist Argentine. He is known as the father of the so-called New Latin American cinema.

After having started in the Theatre and poetry in his hometown, he was studied in Rome at the Centro Sperimentale di cinematography, from 1950 to 1953. In 1956 he returned to Santa Fe to found the Film Institute of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral.

He made his first film School documentary of Santa Fe, is the short film Tire dié, considered the first Argentina the socio-political documentary.[appointment required]

It was the founder of the International film and television school of San Antonio de Los Baños in Cuba, of which he was also director and from there one of the initiators of the new Latin American cinema.

In June 2008 gave the work of his life (films, writings, paintings) to a fund named at the Brown University Library, associated with the RISD Rhode island school of design, Providence, USA.

June 4, 2010, he received the honorary award of International Film Festival in Innsbruck (Austria), in recognition of its trajectory and influence on the festival. A retrospective entitled “Dreaming with open eyes” his most outstanding films made in his honor.

June 7, 2010 received the “Condor de Plata achievement” of the Association of film Argentina chroniclers, in recognition of his career as a director.


As Director

* Elegia Fruiliana (2007)

* ZA 05. The old and new (2006)

* Che: death of utopia? (1999)

* Century of the wind (1999)

* Enredando shadows (1998)

* Very old man with enormous wings, A (1988)

* My son Che – A portrait of don Ernesto Guevara (1985) family

* RTE. – Nicaragua (letter to the world) (1984)

* Rafael Alberti, a portrait of the poet (1983)

* Org (1978)

* Gringo Pampa, the (1963)

* Che, Buenos Aires (1962)

* Flooded, the (1961)

* Pull dié (1960)

* Good morning, good Aires (1959)

* First Foundation of Buenos Aires (1959)

As a writer

* ZA 05. The old and new (2006)

* Flooded (1962)

* Pull dié (medium – 1960)


* Pascale Goffredo, Fernando Birri L’Altramerica, Le Pleiadi, Napoli, 1994, with a warning of Eduardo Galeano

* From Pascale Goffredo, Fernando Birri ein fahrender Cineast, Henschel Verlag, Berlin, 1995