Antonio ber ciani was an actor and film director Argentine who was born in Santa Fe Argentina on 22 August of 1907 and died in Buenos Aires, Argentina 24 June 2001.

Film career

His film debut in the silent when he appeared in 1929 directed by Arturo lanteri in the film the adventures of Pancho Talero, based on a comic book character. Then followed destinations led in the same year by edmo cominetti and sing in my city in 1930 directed by José a. Ferreyra. Latter also directed it in his first sound film in 1931 in Buenos Aires Muñequitas following other films to High Fort (1941).

At the same time had played as assistant director in help me to live (1936) of the same Ferreyra, as Assistant Director on Besos brujos and the city boys, both of 1937 and had begun its work in director with six short documentaries prior to his first feature film: the stranger (1937). (Did this film according to Carlos Goicochea and script Rogelio Cordone were playwrights well-known at that time, starring Leon Zárate, a popular stage actor of the moment), then very young and pretty Irma Córdoba, effective Eloy Álvarez, the almost adolescent Amelia bence and an excellent complementary cast. The protagonist is a farmer who have fun neglects his work, loses its property and should emigrate to Buenos Aires.

They followed the Sierra Valley (1938) and bride of outsiders (1942), in which the director showed their skills in painting served in the early 20th century details.[ 1 ] In 1946 co-directed Lauracha, a complicated shooting film since it involved also other three Directors – Arturo García buhr, Enrique cahen salaberry and Ernesto arancibia – starring Amelia bence. In 1948 he conducted Don Bildigerno in payment miracle, according to script Yamandú Rodriguez, in which the actor Fernando Ochoa embodied a mischievous Creole that was already a popular character on his performance on radio, among other actors accompanied by Eduardo cuitiño, Horacio Priani, Sara Olmos and Marcelo Ruggero. A curious detail is that at the beginning and end of the film is staged a television – studio monitors and cameras included – while average esé did not exist at that time in the country and will install only years later.

That same year he directed the singer of the people, according to Goicochea and script Cordine in the River Plate studies, belonging to the musician Francisco canaro, who wanted to be a momentary return of films targeting large audiences popular with beautiful, simple photography Gumer Barreiros, directed by Roberto Quiroga, Tito Lusiardo, Pearl Mux and Herminia Franco, plus four of the most popular time – tango Orchestra Directors Juan D’arienzo, Alfredo ángelis, Roberto firpo and Domingo Federico – that was a huge public success. In 1949 he returned to lead Roberto Quiroga in something else is guitar, an excuse so they sing and distinct popular figures of that time, among them Barry morals and Domingo Federico Orchestra and his Orchestra of tango with Carlos Vidal and Oscar larroca singers. Martín Pescador (biography of an illustrious unknown), a comedy with Enrique Serrano, is considered the first film produced in cooperative [ 1 ] and completed its work as director in 1952 where begin the swamps, Italian actress Adriana benetti performs in 1951.

Between 1975 and 1976 he was Deputy Director of the National Institute of cinematography and later held the positions of Chair of the Advisory Committee for culture of Unesco and director of the Experimental Centre of cinematography. In 1981 returned to acting in the film the subsoil man, Nicholas Sarquís.

Alfredo Grassi July critic, Ber Ciani “was a great human;” selfless, sensitive, solidarity with their fellow man. Modest in their moments of glory and serene to failures. “It was a genuine master and was able to pass on their expertise in vocational teaching generous spirit.



* Where to begin the swamps (1952)

* Martin Pescador (1951)

* Another thing is with guitar (1949)

* Don Bildigerno in payment miracle (1948)

* The singer of the people (1948)

* Lauracha (1946)

* Bride of outsiders (1942)

* The Sierra Valley (1938)

* The stranger (1937)


* Bride of outsiders (1942)

* The Sierra Valley (1938)


* Dir. underground man Nicholas Sarquís (1981)

* Dir. Fort high Luis Moglia Barth(1941)

* Coruña and millionaire dir. Enrique Santos Discépolo (1940)

* Dir. city boys José a. Ferreyra (1937)… Malamuzza

* Bar mendocina dir. Mario Soffici (1935)

* Buenos Aires muñequitas dir. José a. Ferreyra (1931)…Rodolfo

* The song of my city dir. José a. Ferreyra (1930)… Hermenegildo

* Destinations (1929)

* The adventures of Pancho Talero (1929)

Direction Assistant

* Help me to live a dir. José a. Ferreyra (1936)

Assistant Director

* Besos brujos (1937) dir. José a. Ferreyra

* Dir. city boys José a. Ferreyra (1937)