Fernando León de Aranoa (born on 26 May 1968) is a film director and screenwriter Spanish.


Fernando León de Aranoa was born in Madrid in may 1968 and has a degree in image Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid.

She started working as a screenwriter in television series such as turn on its own initiative, in programmes as the Un, dos, tres… responda otra vez and writing for comics Tuesday and thirteen.

His behind the camera debut in 1994 with the short film “sirens”, which was awarded in several national festivals.

His first feature film was “family” (1996) which as usual his work also wrote the screenplay. In recognition of this film was awarded the Goya Award for best novel Director, as well as Valladolid SEMINCI audience award and the Fipresci award. The play was later adapted into the scene represented in several countries and stage

In 1998 he wrote and directed “neighborhood”, portrait of the lives of three young teens in a slum. Thanks to this job gets Awards Goya Best Director and best original screenplay. The film was presented in the official section of the San sebastian Festival where he earned the silver shell for best director. The film received other major awards as the Fipresci Prize, Fotogramas de plata for the best Spanish film, Prize José María Forqué, Sant Jordi and the Turia, among others.

In 2002 he directed “Mondays in the Sun”, starring Javier bardem, which becomes the great reigns supreme this year at the Goya Awards winning five awards including best picture and best director. The film also triumphs in the San Sebastian Film Festival towards the Concha de Oro for best film. The Spain motion picture Sciences and Academy selects the film to represent Spain at the Oscar in the category of best non-English language film, although cannot be one of the five nominated.

“Princesses” (2005), would be his fourth film as director and screenwriter, his debut as a producer after you create your own productrora (Reposado). The film was seen by more than a million viewers, received three Goya Awards from the Spanish Academy of cinema – its two actors actresses and best original song, composed by Manu chao – as well as the premio waves the event movie of the year award and the best film actors. He also participated in the official selection of the Sundance Film Festival.

As documentary filmmaker has directed Mexico “walkers” (2001), award-winning Festival of Havana, Los Angeles, New York and Alcalá de Henares and 2007 took part in the documentary Invisibles directing the chapter titled Buenas noches, Ouma. This documentary also featured the participation of other directors such as Mariano Barroso, Isabel coixet, wim wenders and Javier Corcuera and was awarded the Goya Award for best documentary. In the field of documentaries on 1997 wrote the script of the documentary the back of the world and collaborated in the direction of Izbieglize in 1994.

His work as a screenwriter has not only focused on his own films, they typed hyphens as Fausto 5.0, ‘ve and crazy heart.

He has published several short stories and short stories having received by Antonio Machado prize twice. He has also worked as a cartoonist and Illustrator.


Year       Movie

2010       Amador

2007       Invisible, Buenas noches, Ouma chapter

2005       Princesses

2002       Mondays in the Sun

2001       Walkers

1998       Neighborhood

1997       Family

1994       Sirens


Goya Awards

Year       Editing Editing Movie   Result

2007       Best documentary feature          22ª         Invisible               Winner

2005       Best film              20ª         Princesses           Candidate

2005       Best original screenplay                20ª         Princesses           Candidate

2003       Best director      17ª         Mondays in the Sun        Winner

2003       Best original screenplay                17ª         Mondays in the Sun        Candidate

1999       Best original screenplay                13ª         Neighborhood Winner

1999       Best film              13ª         Neighborhood Candidate

1999       Best director      13ª         Neighborhood Winner

1997       Best novel Director         12ª         Family   Winner

1997       Best original screenplay                12ª         Family   Candidate

San Sebastian Film Festival

Year       Category              Movie   Result

2002       CEC Award for best film                Mondays in the Sun        Candidate

2002       FIPRESCI Prize   Mondays in the Sun        Winner

2002       Golden shell       Mondays in the Sun        Winner

2002       Award SIGNIS    Mondays in the Sun        Winner

[Edit] Miami Hispanic Film Festival

Year       Category              Movie   Result

1997       Golden Egret best film   Family   Candidate


Year       Category              Movie   Result

1997       Best film              Family   Winner

International Festival of Valladolid

Year       Category              Movie   Result

1997       Best director      Family   Winner

1997       Golden Spike     Family   Candidate

Awards waves

Year       Category              Movie   Result

2002       Best film              Mondays in the Sun        Winner

[Edit] Sundance Film Festival

Year       Category              Movie   Result

2005       Best film              Princesses           Candidate