Eva Lesmes (Gijon, Asturias, 3 August 1961) is a film director, Director of the television screenwriter for film and television española.


Graduated in direction of cinema and television at the american film institute (Los Angeles). Formed in interpretation and direction of actors with john strasberg, Dominique Faccio, William layton and jose Carlos Plaza in Madrid and at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Los Angeles. Various courses of script at UCLA, Los Angeles, and Robert Mackee seminar. Graduated in Direction film school TAI in Madrid

Gets a scholarship for writing the screenplay the Indies talks european script found, 1991 and also a Fullbright scholarship of extension of artistic studies in the USA of the Joint Committee of cooperation Hispano-Norteamericano (1988-1989). V.I.P. (International Visitor Program) was invited by the Embassy of the United States.


It has worked as writer and Director of film: palo (2000), put a man in your life (1996), the edge (1986), exercise for two hands (1981), Autumn diary (1981). For the big screen was responsible for the script 10 feature films including anguish of Bigas Luna and Solar babies produced by mel brooks. In addition has ejrcido as Assistant address in advertising in Albi Vector and Tasauro advertising companies from (1982-1988).

He has directed television series, including: States Alterados Maitena series based on Four heads (2007), Maitena strips 4 chapters and the weaker sex, mouth for Antena 3 (2006); 3 chapters of Fire code (2003); first season of Ana and seven for TVE (2002); At eleven at home for TVE (1998-1999); second season of messy house love delusions and Antena 3 (1997) in the chapter “The writers writer” TVE (1988).

It has written and directed, furthermore movie: night of Scorpion for the Forta 2002.

Since 1988 he combines his business with education. He has participated in courses organized by the Ministry of culture of Asturias, Andalusian Institute for women, Of Madrid, Actors Union, WaSP, TAI, base, NIC and ECAM. Since 2005 directed film Central space devoted to the advanced training of film where headed interpretation workshops for the camera. In 2003 cover along with Javier Gancedo Central of screenplays, fiction audiovisual projects development agency. Scripting Central collaborates with producers such as Drive, BRB, Oberon and the CDA. (Centre of Audiovisual Desenvolpament, I.C.I.C.).

They have developed scripts as Un Franco, 14 pesetas, film or television pilot States Alterados Maitena four heads or Oberón Serrallonga.

It is a member of the Academy of Sciences and the arts TV Spain [ 2 ] and the Academy of Arts and motion picture industries. Help of screenwriting of the Ministry of culture 2005 1OO % Animal film.

In 1999 won the Pilar Miró, the Academy of Sciences and the arts TV Spain screenplay of films for television “At sight” [ 3 ]

Filmography as Director

States altered Maitena (Tv series)

The Commissioner (Tv series)

Them and the weaker sex (Tv series)

Fire code (2003) (Tv series)

The night of the Scorpion (2002) (TV movie)

Ana and seven (Tv series)

The stick (2001) (Feature film)

At eleven at home (Tv series)

The messy house (Tv series)

Put a man in your life (1996) (Feature film)

Delusions of love (Tv series)