Francisco Liberto Rabal administrative (born Rome, Italy, 30 may 1975) is an actor and film director Spanish.

Of the third generation in a series of artists, film and Theatre have been part of his life since he was born. He is the son of the director and screenwriter Benito Rabal, nephew of Teresa and grandson of actors Francisco Rabal and Asunción Balaguer. It is also the grandson of Carmen Laforet (Nothing, insolation) author and journalist Manuel administrative. He is married to actress, screenwriter and author Adriana Davydovo.


There were nine to eleven, respectively, when he appeared before the cameras as child face films innocent Saints and God’s bastard brother, starring his grandfather first and the second by his father. But not was until 1996 when he truly began his career dedicated to the interpretation, making supporting roles in rather than love, frenzy, Alfonso Albacete and Miguel bardem, put a man in your life, Eva lesmes and time of happiness, Manuel Iborra.

In 1997 he starred in tram to Malvarrosa under the command of José Luis García Sánchez, film which is nominated for Goya as Player revelation, while Pedro Almodóvar choose you for the lead role of flesh, which coincides with Javier bardem and Ángela Molina. For this work gets popular and mixed reviews.

Soon after, it intervenes in the television comedy at eleven at home and after starring in the film “Todo minus the girl” Chus Delgado, Álex Angulo and María Adánez, debuts in direction with the short film, empty night (2001). The following year, it embodies the Alicante poet Miguel Hernández in a production of two chapters for TVE. Tras varias incursiones teatrales, junto a Asunción Balaguer en Queridos poetas -en memoria de su abuelo- y con Don Juan Tenorio entre otras obras, en 2005 se vuelca en el guión y la dirección de su primera película, Síndrome, (seleccionada para competición en el prestigioso Festival de Locarno), rodada tras ganar una mención especial en el Festival de Málaga (2001) por su primer cortometraje como director Las noches vacías, protagonizado y escrito, al igual que Síndrome, por la que es su esposa y musa, Adriana Davidova, que también es autora del guión de La inercia de los cuerpos, su segundo largometraje como director, una comprometida reflexión sobre el sistema sanitario y la relación médico-paciente cuyo rodaje comienza en octubre de 2006 con la primera filmación en 35 mm de un eclipse anular de sol en España y se prolonga, debido a necesidades de producción, durante los periodos de verano de 2007 y 2008.

In 2007 he presented his second short film as a director, footprints, who wins in the framework of the Festival of Calasparra A.E.T. 2007. In 2008 it has is his first book on film, dream in action, edited by the author Foundation. In 2008 is preparing the release of a new experimental feature film as director shot in 2007: the corner.

In August 2001, died unexpectedly Francisco Rabal, who a few weeks later would receive Prize Donostia San Sebastian Film Festival. Was Liberto Rabal who picked him up in the name of his grandfather, paying him tribute in an emotional tribute assembled onstage Kursaal Carlos saura, Carmen Sevilla, Julia Martinez, terele pávez, Ana Belén, Emma suárez and Maria Barranco.

He has also appeared in several films in Italy (Mare Largo, with Claudio amendola, Cephalonia, with sarah Miles and daniele liotti); France (Tangos kisses, of Eduardo de Gregorio, Juan echanove and sylvie testud); Cuba (Night of Constantinople, Orlando Rojas) and, in addition to his fledgling career as a director, has resumed its work as an actor in the directorial debut of writer Hernán film, I am a bubbler, alongside Roberto boladeras premiering at Sitges 2008.

In 2009 and 2010 Liberto Rabal joins the love in times revueltos TVE series to give life to the Adolfo Carmona journalist during the fifth season. At the same time just shooting a new film as director, Adriana Davydovo, Moses Molin and Francisco Brives La corner. Also in 2009 he recorded several disks of poems, notably appeared on the poet Miguel Hernández to Centennial naciemiento of poet and a disc of 50 poets reciting and later together with Adriana Davydovo. Freedman begins also in 2009 his career as a lecturer held several conferences on computer and working relationship in the medical faculty of the UAM and on various subjects always related to the film and the interpersonal relationship.