Ramón Barea is an actor, playwright, theatre director and filmmaker born in Bilbao in 1949 Spanish.”” “””As a child was an altar boy, atabalero, bullfighter dogs in the new Plaza of Bilbao and compulsive viewer of theatre and amateur actor teenager”


He has participated in over 100 films and of fifty shorts, has participated in works of start Bollain, Alex de la Iglesia, Enrique Urbizu, Paul Berger, Santiago Garcia Leaniz, reptitiendo repeatedly with directors like imanol uribe, álex de la Iglesia, montxo armendáriz, juanma Bajo Ulloa or Gracia querejeta. Television spoke at many of the series of recent years, including colleagues, journalists, here no hay quien viva or Central Hospital.Police Plan America, accused, Mini series like “Adolfo Suarez”, “Solo”. He was one of the components of the mythical program of TVE “The worst show of the week” directed by Fernando and David Trueba.

Directorial film debut in 1996 with the short film goodbye Toby Adios, selected for the week of the criticism of the Cannes Festival, where his second short film comes love dead. As a Director of feature films he debuted in 1999 with the feature film Pecata minuta, starring Helena Irureta and Mariví Bilbao. The next film directed and last to date was the pedal car, in 2004, with Álex Angulo, actor who has worked on numerous occasions. An independent production company “Maki scenic and audiovisual” has made documentaries on performing arts and theatre with the Ur.Mantiene company work processes.

“As director of theatre, facet exerted on this medium in his career, his recent works have been”The man who mistook his wife with a hat”Oliver Sacks.””El Buscón” with Temperance productions, Howard Zinn and the magazine “Emma” Bilbao Bilbao

It was also director of the movie casting his master’s voice, Emilio Martínez Lázaro (orders who trabajaó in the worst years of our lives (1994) and the other side of the bed (2002)), in the year 2001.

It also highlights its wide experience Theatre as an actor and as a performer. He founded the Basque professional independent theatre companies: comedians of the League (1968) and Karraka (1980). He has directed and written shows such as Bilbao, Bilbao; Euskadi, the Basque country, Palabrarismos, Alias Molier squatted of acting on others such as Empress Ubu and today last function, on the damage of tobacco. In total he participated in a hundred theatrical shows. Some of their latest contributions as an actor in lights of Bohemia with UR Theatre, directed by Helena Pimenta, die sane, insane live and directed by Fernando fernán Gómez. The boy of the last row of Juan Mayorga. Gate of the Sun directed by Juan Carlos Pérez de la Fuente and Juan Mayorga Stalin love letters.

The awards are a special mention at the Festival of Latin-American cinema of Huelva by puta Calle (1997), Enrique Gabriel and the prize at the Festival du Cinéma Espagnol of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées per pedal car in 2004, directed by him. In theatre has received 5 times Ercilla critical bilbaina Award for his various works as director and Rosa Agirre, Txema Zubía and EAB as an actor, among others. He played the scenario of the Oscars with its participation in the Borja Cobeaga short “Eramos few”.


As an actor


* The escape of Segovia (1981) by imanol uribe.

* The conquest of Albania (1984), of Alfonso ungría.

* The death of Mikel (1984) by imanol uribe.

* Eternal fire (1985), of José Ángel Rebolledo.

* Bay of Biscay (1985), of Javier Rebollo.

* Black flag (1986), of Pedro Olea.

* 27 hours (1986), Montxo Armendáriz.

* Small goodbye (1986), by imanol uribe.

* To the four winds (1987), of José a. Zorrilla.

* Mama (1988), Paul Berger.

* Glass yarn (1988)

* Your girlfriend is crazy (1988), of Enrique urbizu.

* Ander Eta Yul (1989), of Ana Díez.

* The White Dove (1989), of Juan Mignon.

* The anonymous… go papelón! (1990), of Alfonso arandia.

* Me not complicated life (1991), Ernesto del Río.

* Killer Mirindas (1991), by álex de la Iglesia.

* Traintime (1991)

* Santa Cruz, the guerrilla priest (1991), of José María tuduri.

* All for the pasta (1991), of Enrique urbizu.

* The stunned King (1991), by imanol uribe.

* Halftime (1992), of leániz Santiago García.

* Urte ilunak (1992), of Arantxa lazcano.

* Cows (1992), of Julio médem.

* La madre muerta (1993), Juanma Bajo Ulloa.

* Very black (1993), of J.F. Collazos.

* Acción mutante (1993), by álex de la Iglesia.

* The legend of a bad man (1994), Myriam Ballesteros.

* How to be unhappy and enjoy it (1994), of Enrique urbizu.

* The worst years of our lives (1994), Emilio Martínez Lázaro.

* Justin, a killer of the third age (1994), Santiago Aguilar and Luis guridi.

* The mother (1995), of Miguel bardem.

* Save you if you can (1995), of Joaquín Trincado.

* Hotel and residence (1995), Ernesto del Río.

* Corsairs of the chip (1996), Rafael Alcázar.

* Gypsy soul (1996), by chus Gutiérrez.

* Matthias, line judge (1996), Santiago Aguilar and Luis guridi.

* The guardian angel (1996) of Santiago matallana.

* The good life (1996), David trueba.

* The Magnolia (1997), of Julia juaniz.

* In the arms of mature women (1997), of Manuel Lombardero.

* The good star (1997), Ricardo Franco.

* Airbag (1997), Juanma Bajo Ulloa.

* Blind (1997), from Daniel calparsoro.

* Puta Calle (1997), Enrique Gabriel.

* A perfect match of Francesc betriu,(1998)

* Among all women (1998), from John Ortuoste.

* Atilano, President (1998), Santiago Aguilar and Luis guridi.

* Muertos de risa (1999), by álex de la Iglesia.

* The erased traces (1999), Enrique Gabriel.

* When back at my side (1999), of Gracia querejeta.

* The ugliest woman in the world (1999), of Miguel bardem.

* Hyde & Jekill (2000), of Sara mazkiarán.

* Jigsaw (2000), of Carlos muguiro.

* Good intentions (2000), Javier Kuhn.

* Road and blanket (2000), of Alfonso arandia.

* Gypsy (2000), Manuel Palacios.

* The community (2000), by álex de la Iglesia.

* Broken silence (2001), Montxo Armendáriz.

* Better times (2002), izaskun granda and Daniel Moreno.

* WC file (2002), Arturo Ruiz Serrano.

* Everything but the girl (2002), Jesus r. Delgado.

* Terminal (2002), aitzol aramaio and Juan Pérez Fajardo.

* The other side of the bed(2002), Emilio Martínez Lázaro.

* 800 bullets (2002), by álex de la Iglesia.

* Torremolinos 73 (2003), Paul Berger.

* Holes in the sky (2004), Pedro Mari Santos.

* We were few (2005), of Borja cobeaga.

* Obaba (2005), Montxo Armendáriz

* Sofia (2005), of Álvaro brechner.

* Movies not sleeping: children’s room (2006) (TV), by álex de la Iglesia.

* Seven tables (French billiard) (2007), of Gracia querejeta.

* A bit of Chocolate (2008) of aitzol aramaio.

* No controls (2010) of Borja cobeaga.


* Bertan Zoro (1991)

* The worst show of the week (1993)

* They are thus (1999)

* Journalists (1999)

* Companions (2001)

* Cuéntame cómo pasó (2002)

* Police officers, in the heart of the street (2002 – 2003)

* 80 (2004)

* Here no hay quien viva (2004 – 2006)

* The Commissioner (2006)

* Central Hospital (2006)

* Genesis, in the mind of the killer (2006)

* Countdown (2007)-(2008)

* Euskolegas (2009)

As director and screenwriter

* Good bye Toby, goodbye (1995)

* Died of love (1997)

* Pecata minuta (1999)

* Pedal car (2004)