Francisco urondo, (Santa Fe, January 10, 1930 – Mendoza, 17 June 1976) writer, militant politician Argentine and guerrilla.

He authored the screenplays of films Pajarito Gómez and terrible night together, and it has been adapted for television Madame bovary of Flaubert, Red and black of Stendhal and The Maïas of eça de queiroz.

In 1968 became Director General for culture of the Province of Santa Fe, and in 1973, Director of the Department of letters of the Faculty of philosophy and letters of the University of Buenos Aires.

As a journalist he worked in various media of the country and abroad, including Primera Plana, Panorama, Crisis, La opinion, and News.

It was and was active in the Argentine organisation Montoneros. On his death Rodolfo walsh wrote:

“Paco transfer to Mendoza was a mistake.” Which was a permanent indentation since 1975, never could keep standing. Paco lasted little semanas…It was fearing what happened, there was an encounter with a vehicle enemy, persecution, a shooting of two cars along. IBAN Paco Lucia with the nena and a companion. They had a metra but it was in the trunk. Not could take off. Paco finally stopped, looked for something on his clothes and said “Fire you”. Then added: “I took the pill (cyanide) and I feel bad”. The companion remembered Lucia said “But Dad, why did you do that”. “The companion escaped between the bullets, days later came wound to Buenos Aires…a Paco beat him two shots in the head while he was probably already dead”.

“Empuñé a gun because I look for the fair floor,” said once.[appointment required]

He was married to actress Zulema katz.


* Ancient history, poetry, 1956.

* Short, poetry, 1959.

* Places, poetry, 1961.

* Names, poetry, 1963.

* On the other hand, poetry, 1967.

* Suffer, poetry, 1968.

* Long distance, poetry, Madrid, 1971.

* All of this, tales, 1966.

* Touch, short stories, 1967.

* Veraneando and farce with variations, theatre, 1966.

* Twenty years of Argentine poetry, essay, 1968.

* The previous steps, novel, 1972.

* Fusilada country, interviews, 1973 editorial crisis



Directed by Rudolf Kuhn

* Tourism road (1978)

* The ABC’s of love (1967)

* Pajarito Gómez (1965)

Directed by David stivel

* The girls TV (1965)


* Paco Urondo, just call (documentary, 2004)