George Seaton (South Bend, Indiana, April 17, 1911 – 28 July 1979) was an American screenwriter, director and producer.

‘George Stenius’ began his career as an actor of radio in Detroit, Michigan and managed to debut in the film The Lone Ranger. It was nominated for the Academy Award for best direction for the country girl (1954) and his greatest fame got it with direction and screenwriter miracle on 34th Street (1947). Received the Jean Hersholt humanitarian award in 1961. Died of cancer at his home in Beverly Hills. It has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame located in 1750 Vine Street.



* Diamond Horseshoe (1945)

* The precocious child (Junior Miss) (1945)

* Miracle on 34th Street (Miracle on 34th Street) (1947), Christmas classic reversionado repeatedly in film and television immortalized great supporting actor Edmund Gwenn, accompanied by Maureen O´Hara, John Payne and Natalie Wood.

* The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947)

* Apartment for Peggy (1948), romantic comedy starring William Holden, Jeanne Crain and Edmund Gwenn.

* Chicken Every Sunday (1948), one of the best comedies of the famous W. C. Fields.

* Sitiados (The Big Lift) (1950), solid war drama which was one of the first major roles Montgomery Clift after “Rio red” (1948, Howard Hawks) or “the heiress” (1949, William Wyler).

* You can enter (For heaven’s sake) (1950)

* Anything Can Happen (1952)

* The lost child (Little Boy Lost) (1953)

* The country girl (The Country Girl) (1954), melodrama of success that Grace Kelly won Academy Award for best actress, and which was accompanied by Bing Crosby and William Holden.

* Heroes also cry (The Proud and Profane) (1956), not very memorable war melodrama but with a cast led by William Holden, Deborah Kerr and Thelma Ritter luxury.

* Williamsburg: The Story of to Patriot (1956)

* A’ana wanting to (Teacher’s Pet) (1958), light comedy with a mature Clark Gable and Doris Day in the main roles.

* Its pleasant company (The Pleasure of His Company) (1961), one of his most achieved comedies with Fred Astaire.

* Spyware by mandate (The Counterfeit Traitor) (1962) with William Holden and Deborah Kerr.

* Silence of death (The Hook) (1963)

* 36 hours (36 Hours) (1964), recognized as a small classic film suspense with Rod Taylor, James Garner and Eva Marie Saint.

* What beautiful is life (What What’s so Bad About Feeling Good?) (1968)

* Airport (Airport) (1970), based on the best seller of Arthur Hailey and first in a series of films from air, disasters in a genre film helped to inaugurate despite some precedent as “The high and the mighty” (1954, William a. Wellman), with a splendid cast headed by Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin and Jean Seberg.

* Friends until death (Showdown) (1973), nice western Rock Hudson, Dean Martin and Susan Clark, who was his last film.


Academy Awards

Year       Category              Film        Result

1943       Oscar for best adapted screenplay           The song of Bernardette              Candidate

1947       Oscar for best adapted screenplay           Miracle on 34th Street   Winner

1954       Oscar for Best Director The country girl                 Candidate

1954       Oscar for best adapted screenplay           The country girl                 Winner

1970       Oscar for best adapted screenplay           Airport Candidate