Helmut Bakaitis (born 26 September 1944) is a director, actor and Australian screenwriter.
Bakaitis born Lithuanian parents in Lauban, Silesia, Germany (now Lubań, Poland). He was educated at fort street high school in Sydney, New South Wales, where he made a brilliant interpretation of the title role in Hamlet, work in a school production was carried out on the monument to the fallen of Sydney. It is known for her role of “architect” in the second and third films in the Matrix trilogy. He was in the position of director of the National Institute of dramatic art of Australia (NIDA) for nine years until 2007.
* Happy Feet (2006)
* The Illustrated Family Doctor (2005). Character: John
* All Saints (2003). Character: Salvator Forlano episodes to forgive, Divine, wrong call and older and wiser
* Syntax Error (2003). Character: Doctor
* The Matrix Revolutions (2003). Character: architect
* The Matrix Reloaded (2003). Character: architect
* The Farm (2001). Character: Judge Wescott
* Drama School (2000). Character: himself
* A Difficult Woman (1998). Character: Chancellor # 2
* Police Rescue (1996), in episode “Nobby’s Place”, as Dr. Mayfield.
* home and away. Characters: George Morris (1988), Peter Fraser (1998).
* Melba (1987). Character: John Lemonne
* I Can’t Get Started (1985). Character: Sidney
o act two aka
* Shirley Thompson vs. the Aliens (1972). Character: Harold
* Stork (1971). Character: Clyde
* Homicide in episodes taken care Of (such as Larry Fenton), dead shot (like Tommy Fraser), the Living death (as Don Lambton).

* Shirley Thompson vs. the Aliens (1972)