Nicholas Edward Cave (born September 22, 1957, Warracknabeal, Australia), nick Cave, is a musician, writer, and actor. His fame is especially due to his band Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. With a long history that began in the early 1970s, their music is characterized by a dark, sinister tone, but also an interest in the violent and erotic thing. Nick Cave can join groups and singer-songwriters such as tom waits, pj Harvey, Leonard Cohen, shane macgowan, among others, all these followers of Bohemian and urban aesthetics.


The youth of Nick Cave

Warracknabeal is a small town in the Australian State of Victoria. Nick Cave has two older brothers and a sister: Timothy Cave, Peter Cave and Julie Cave. From small moved to Wangaratta, Australia. His father, Colin Cave, was Professor of literature and her mother, Dawn, was librarian. Parents practiced Christianity Anglican and family came to the Cathedral in Wangaratta, where little Nick Cave singing as part of the choir. The young Cave had problems with his school, school authorities which procured him in 1970 to parents so send to Caulfield Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia. There, he joined the school choir and practised the piano. In 1971, her family moved with him to Melbourne.

After Nick Cave school he studied painting at the Institute from 1976 to 1977 Caulfield. Of these dates would begin his heroin use. His father died in a car accident when Nick was 19.

His musical beginnings

In 1973 Cave met in Caulfield Grammar Tracy Pew, Mick Harvey and Phill Calvert, respectively guitarist, bassist and drummer that would become his first band. While they were students, his repertoire consisted of songs by lou reed, David bowie, alice cooper, roxy music and Alex Harvey with a twist proto-punk. After leaving school in 1977 they baptized his band named the boys next door and began to play and sing original material. Rowland S. Howard joined the band in 1978 as a guitarist.

From 1977 until its dissolution in 1980 the band The Boys Next Door explored with several variants of punk: from riffs inspired by the Ramones to a renewed wave of inspiration from David bowie and a kind of post-punk Expressionism (see band pere ubu) to finish in a mixture of outrageous performance, noise and art-rock.

The Boys Next Door were part of the late 1970s Melbourne post-punk scene and played several concerts live on all Australia until the band’s name changed to the birthday party in 1980 and moved to London and then to Germany Federal. Singer-songwriter Anita lane, girlfriend of Nick Cave, accompanied them to London. The band won a notorious reputation for provocative points of Cave and his outrageous performances live.

To cultivate a cult status in Australia and Europe, The Birthday Party disbanded in 1984. Rowland S. Howard and Nick Cave found difficulties to continue working together, and both were exhausted by the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

The Bad Seeds

Cave, 2006.

Nick Cave, mick Harvey formed the first ensemble of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Nick Cave began writing letters lyrical and narrative, in contrast to Expressionism that you used in previous projects. The Bad Seeds was conceived as an ensemble of international musicians: guitarist Blixa Bargeld (from the band einstürzende neubauten), was a German, bassist Barry Adamson was English and was Australian guitarist Hugo Race. Anita Lane also wrote songs for The Bad Seeds. This lineup recorded the band’s debut album: From Her to Eternity, which was released in 1984.

Cave was separated from Anita Lane in the mid 1980s and began a relationship with Elisabeth Recker. While the Berlin band released four albums: the firstborn is dead, Kicking Against the Pricks, Your Funeral… My Trial and Tender Prey.

While living in West Berlin, Cave started working on his novel debut – And the Ass Saw the Angel (1989). There is a significant Intertextuality between his novel and letters Cave wrote for the last songs of The Birthday Party and the early stages of his career with The Bad Seeds.

After And the Ass Saw the Angel, Cave left West Berlin shortly before the fall of the Berlin wall and moved to são Paulo, Brazil, where he met Viviane Carneiro. The two have a son named Luke (born 1991). The couple never married. Cave has another son, Jethro, born in 1991; He lives with his mother, Beau Lazenby, Australia. It was at Brazil where he recorded, in 1990, his album the good Son, one of the summits of his career. This album, lyrical, orchestral and devoid of the fury and laceration above, meant final divorce between Cave and some its public sector.

In 1992 the band released Henry’s Dream album produced by David briggs. In 1993, Cave left Brazil and moved to London, England. That same year published an album live, live seeds, recorded during the presentation of Henry’s Dream tour. A year later appears their next album, let love In, one of his better received both critical and public records.

murder ballads of 1996, is a collection of songs about murders. The album includes “Henry Lee”, a Duet with British singer pj Harvey (with whom he had a brief affair), and “Where the Wild Roses Grow”, a Duet with kylie minogue (who was also his girlfriend). The last song was a popular success in Australia, where he sought the band three ARIA awards, including “Song of the year”.

The next album The Boatman’s Call (1997), Nick Cave deviates from the generic and violent narratives of his past as a composer to songs with biographical and confessional lyrics about relationships with Carneiro and PJ Harvey. This was also the first album that focus mostly on piano, played by Cave.

After The Boatman’s Call he took a break to recover from addiction to heroin and alcohol which apocalyptical it for twenty years. During this period he met his current partner, the British model susie bick. They married in 1999 and now have a pair of twins, Arthur and Earl Cave.[2] [3] Completely recovered, Cave was revived with complex, melancholic and highly praised album No More shall we part launched with his band in 2001. After the Nocturama (2003) album release, Blixa Bargeld announced his retirement from the band, leaving Mick Harvey as the only original member of The Bad Seeds apart from Nick Cave. However, the following year the band released their first album: abattoir Blues/the lyre of Orpheus, who was widely accepted among critics.

In 2005, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released B-Sides & Rarities, a collection of 56 songs across three disks, including little-known pieces, “B-sides” and songs that appeared in film soundtracks

After recording an album under the name of Grinderman in 2007 (a band alongside other 3 of the Bad Seeds, where exploring rock and blues primitive, close sometimes to music than Bad Seeds did in his early), Nick Cave in 2008 returns to record with Bad Seeds disk, call Dig, Lazarus, dig!, drinks from the influences of Grinderman.

Other works

Cave released his first book, King ink, in 1988. This book is a collection of lyrics and short plays, including collaborations with the American enfant terrible lydia Lunch.

Apart from his role with The Bad Seeds, Nick Cave has developed a career as a soloist, performing live piano, accompanied by a trio of bass, percussion and violin formed by fluctuating lineup. Currently this trio is formed by Martyn p. Casey, Jim Sclavunos and Warren Ellis.


With Shane McGowan

In 1992, shane macgowan, leader of the pogues Irish band recorded and released What a Wonderful World, a single disk containing the eponymous “What a Wonderful World”, a version of the song popularized by Louis armstrong, and as “b-side” the pogues song “A Rainy Night in Soho”, sung by Nick Cave. shane macgowan on this album sing “Lucy” of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

With Current 93

In 1996 Nick Cave collaborated with the band Current 93, mainly on the album All the Pretty Little Horses: there sings the song of the same name and in other songs from this album read excerpts from the book thought of blaise Pascal.

With Johnny Cash

In 2000, Johnny cash, a personal hero of Nick Cave, made a version of the mercy seat on the album American III: Solitary Man, perhaps in the payment to the versions Nick made of muddy water, the Singer and long black veil. Cave was then invited to be one of the musicians that would help with the essential Johnny cash retrospective album released to coincide with the 70th birthday of American singer-songwriter. It and Cave sang a Duet for a cover of hank williams I m So lonesome I could Cry song for the album American IV: The Man Comes Around (2002). Also recorded a Duet for the Cindy, traditional song that was released after the death of Cash in the collection Johnny Cash: Unearthed.

With Ute Lemper

In 2000, actress and singer ute lemper unveiled their punishing kiss album a collection of songs written by artists such as elvis costello and tom waits with a song composed by Nick Cave: “Little water song”.

With Pulp

In 2002 Cave recorded a version of the song “Disc 2000” by the British band Pulp as a b-side for the single bad cover version.

With Marianne Faithfull

In 2004, Cave participated with veteran Marianne faithfull album Before The Poison. For this purpose he co-wrote and produced three songs: “crazy love”, “there is a ghost” and “desperanto”; The Bad Seeds musicians played them all.

With Kylie Minogue

ultimate kylie disk interprets the theme “Where the wild roses grow” with the Australian Kylie Minogue.

Nick Cave and the cinema

The music of Nick Cave (alone or with his band) has been included in several of the films by wim wenders’: wings of desire (Cave in this film, playing himself in a live performance), Until the End of the World, Faraway… So Close! and Soul of a Man, a documentary about the music produced by martin scorsese blues. Cave also appeared in the independent film Ghosts… of the Civil Dead (1989), written and directed by John Hillcoat. She also appeared as an actor in the film Johnny suede (1991), sharing the screen with brad pitt.

Some other songs of Nick Cave have appeared in several film soundtracks.

Showing a growing interest in movies, Nick Cave wrote the screenplay and music for the proposition, a western magnitudes lyrical and poetic about love and violence in the Australian wilderness. The film was directed by John Hillcoat and act on it guy pearce, ray winstone, danny huston, john hurt, David wenham and Emily watson. It was filmed in Queensland in 2004. Presented from October 2005, achieving critical acclaim.

In 2007, Cave wrote the soundtrack to the film Andrew dominik, the assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford along with Warren ellis, where he also appeared in a small role in the film as a musician who sings The Ballad of Jesse James.

In 2009, Cave again (with Ellis) to write the soundtrack for the film the road, directed by john hillcoat, friend and collaborator of Cave.

In 2010 your song “O children” is the soundtrack of Harry Potter and the relics of death I. It is the theme song that sounds like an old radio and Harry and Hermione dance in his tent, so forget about problems concerning Voldemort and his Death Eaters, while escaping them.

Cultural references

* Nick Cave is said to be member of the Sons of Lee Marvin; a semisecreta society of artists that are similar to (or could be the children of) Lee marvin founded by filmmaker jim jarmusch.

* Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds song “Red right hand” has appeared in several films and television programs, such as: The x-files; Dumb & Dumber; Scream and its sequels Scream 2 and Scream 3, as well as in Hellboy (performed by Pete yorn).

* The song “Ain People Ain’t No Good” is included on the soundtrack for the animated film Shrek 2.

* The theme “There is a light” is part of the soundtrack of the movie batman forever.

* The music video for the song “bad cover version” of the British band Pulp, Nick Cave appear hidden musicians after a false beard.

* Cave has performed her classic song “The Mercy Seat” in almost all their live performances since 1998, including appearances soloists and an appearance on the popular Jerry Letterman show.

* Nick Cave appeared on the soundtrack of the movie I Am Sam, which sang a cover of “Let It Be”, The Beatles. Also later released their version of “Here Comes The Sun”, for the same band.

* Nick Cave wrote a foreword for a publication of the Gospel according to St. Mark, published by Canongate in England (1998). The American version of the book contains a preface written by another author.

* Of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake Nick Cave appeared at the concert of charitable Wave Aid in Sydney, Australia.

* In 2006 Esquire magazine placed Nick Cave fifth men”20 best dresses of the world”.[4]

* Nick Cave is honored at the young Lovecraft comic on the character of the singer-songwriter Angelo Barracuda Hitchhiker. In the comic book character comes to interpret the beginning of the song of Cave with the Bad Seeds song of joy.

* Nick Cave ensures that the scar on his left cheek is product of a fight with knives between himself and his then girlfriend Anita lane.

Discography Nick Cave

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Studio albums

1. From Her to Eternity (1984)

2. The Firstborn Is Dead (1985)

3. Kicking Against the Pricks (1986)

4. Your Funeral… My Trial (1986)

5. Tender Prey (1988)

6. The Good Son (1990)

7. Henry’s Dream (1992)

8. Let Love In (1994)

9. Murder Ballads (1996)

10. The Boatman’s Call (1997)

11. No More Shall We Part (2001)

12. Nocturama (2003)

13. Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus (2 CD) (2004)

14. Dig, Lazarus, Dig! (2008)

Live albums and compilations of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

* Live Seeds (1993)

* Abattoir Blues Tour (2007)

* The Best of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1998)

* B-Sides & Rarities (3 CD) (2005)

With Grinderman

* Grinderman (2008).

* Grinderman 2 (2010

With The Die Haut

* The burning ice (1983)

With The Birthday Party

* Hee Haw (1979) – Mini LP

* The Birthday Party (1980)

* Prayers on fire (1981)

* Travelled session (1981) – Maxi

* Drunk blood on the perception / The agony is the ecstasy (1982) – Live with Lydia Lunch

* Junkyard (1982)

* Bad Seed (1983)

* Mutiny! (1983) – Mini LP

Other albums of Nick Cave

* Ghosts… of the Civil Dead (Soundtrack) – composed with Mick Harvey and Blixa Bargeld

* To Have and to Hold (Soundtrack)-with Mick Harvey and Blixa Bargeld

* Two Lectures: The Secret Life Of The Lovesong/The Flesh Made Word-reading original texts and acoustic songs (2000)

* September Songs: The Music of kurt weill-Nick Cave singing “Mack the Knife”

* The Proposition (Soundtrack) (2005) – Composed with Warren Ellis

* Original Seeds: Songs that inspired Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds-compilations “unofficial” music (1998 and 2004)

* The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward of Robert Ford (Soundtrack) (2007)

* And the Ass Saw the Angel (1999) – 4 readings of the book of the same name and 12 instrumental tracks compounds with Ed-Clyton Jones and Mick Harvey

* White Lunar (2009) – Compilation of different composed soundtrack along with Warren Ellis

List of releases on DVD and video

* The Road to God Knows Where-documentary about a U.S. tour

* Live at the Paradiso-live in Amsterdam

* Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: The videos

* God is in the house-live in Lyon, France


* the death of bunny munro. ISBN 1847673767.

* Complete Lyrics. ISBN 0141005157.

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* And the Ass Saw the Angel. ISBN 1880985721.  (And the ass saw the Angel)

* King ink. ISBN 188098508X.


* 2005 Q magazine: Q classic songwriter award

* 2005 AFI Awards: best Original music score (the proposition)

* 2005 Inside Film Awards: best music (the proposition)

* 2005 Film Critics Circle Of Australia Awards: Best Music Score (the proposition)

* 2001 ARIA Awards: best male artist (No more shall we part)

* 2001 APRA Music Awards: the ship song included among the 30 best Australian songs in the previous 75 years

* 1997 APRA Music Awards: Songwriter of the year

* 1997 ARIA Awards: best Original soundtrack (To have and to hold)

* 1996 ARIA Awards: Song of the Year & Single of the Year and best Pop release (Where the wild roses grow)

* 1996 mtv europe music awards: Nick Cave formally required for nomination for “Best male artist” was canceled, because he was not in keeping with the “competitive nature” of the award. Cave mentions: “my songs are not race horses”.

* 1990 Time Out Magazine: book Of the year (and the ass saw the Angel)