Agustín Sánchez Vidal (Bastida Cilleros, Salamanca, 1948), Professor of the history of cinema from the University of Zaragoza, essayist, screenwriter and novelist.

Life and work

His youth takes place in Logroño, subsequently moving to Zaragoza to study philosophy and literature, where he gave classes of Spanish literature and film history 1991 and other audio-visual media, Chair of new creation got that year.

In 1974 he received his doctorate with a thesis on Miguel Hernández, two years later he published under the title of Miguel Hernández Desamordazado and returned. Later, in 1986, provided material difficult to access or unpublished co-commissioned the generation of 1927, as his correspondence, his bravest Bullfighter and the tragedy of Callisto, dramas and unpublished prose. He also published various works on Joaquin Costa, including the emergence in 1981 of the unfinished novel by regenerationist Preromanic Justo.

In 1980 he traveled to Mexico to prepare the edition of the literary work of filmmaker Luis buñuel. Hence arose Luis Buñuel, literary works (1982), after which would continue to be productive studies on cinematographic work of Buñuel, who Sánchez Vidal has become one of the greatest scholars. Luis Buñuel, building in film (1984), the life and opinions of Luis Buñuel (1985), Luis buñuel (1992) and the world of Luis Buñuel (1993) belong to this work.

In this line he undertook the project develop important monographs on Aragonese filmmakers, the Jimeno (Spanish film pioneers), Chomón, florián Rey, Forqué, Borau and Saura, with his books film Carlos Saura (1988), Borau (1990), Florián Rey film (1991) and Segundo de Chomón cinema (1992). In 1994 he wrote the book Los Jimeno and the origins of the cinema in Zaragoza and in 1997 is The century of light, which dissects the history of cinema in Zaragoza from its origins to the present day. The same year appears his history of cinema, a manual of outreach to all audiences, fruit of his academic and research experience in this field.

In 1988 won the prestigious Prize Essay editorial Planeta with the work “Spain mirror ‘ Buñuel, Lorca, Dalí: the enigma endless. In 1990 another striking essay Sun and shade, analyzes everyday objects as a kicker, can opener, Mono anise tag or the Sun glasses, investigating their origins and influence; the book is written with style, agile and informal, but not without academic rigour. In 1999 it picks up his newspaper articles in the tail for unskinned book.

As the coexistence of Buñuel, Lorca and Dalí from the time of Residence and friend of Carlos Saura, collaborates with the writing of the screenplay for the film oscense director directed upon them, Buñuel and King Solomon Bureau in 2001.

His first novel, the master key (2005) is an intrigue of espionage and adventure that takes place in two stages: the century XVI of Philip II and the XXI that uses a comprehensive documentation both history and the latest scientific theories. In 2008 she won prize novel of his second fiction, Blood knot spring.


* 1988. Spain mirror Prize essay by Buñuel, Lorca, Dalí: endless enigma.

* 2008. Award best novel spring by Blood knot.