Rafael j. Sage (Tortosa, 1915 – † Madrid, 21 June 1976) was a Spanish film director and screenwriter.


Although his career developed fundamentally as screenwriter, also it initialled as some of the most popular and blockbuster in the history of the seventh art in Spain.

He made his debut as a writer in 1950 with the film the end of a legend, directed by Richard Gascon. Shortly after the filmmaker Ignacio f. Iquino it hired to scripts for The Judas (1952). More than eighty titles would continue throughout the nearly three decades until shortly before his death. His pen came from much of titles during the sixties and seventies were the genre came to be called Landismo and laid the foundations for the comedy film Spanish at that time, maligned by some critics as españolada sector.

The films he wrote include the day of love (1959), the family (1962), robbery at three (1962), Sor citroen (1967), the Preu guys (1967), adultery decent (1969), the silly pot (1970), was formed the Bethlehem! (1970), Don Erre Erre than (1970), etc.

But also was behind the camera to direct two of the most emblematic titles of manners comedy era in Madrid: Manolo, urban guard (1956) and the girls of the Red Cross (1958).