Irving Wallace (Chicago, 19 March 1916 – Los Angeles, June 29, 1990) was a writer.

He studied in Kenosha, Wisconsin, then in Berkeley and Los Angeles. From a very young he devoted himself to journalism and soon acquired certain prestige by its articles and stories in his country’s major newspapers. He was considered one of most important writers of his country and a writer of great stature.

Wallace was a restless and interested man especially know landscapes, men of different climates and personalities strange, heterodox or marginalized in world history. He enlisted in the army in 1942 and went to the first film unit, where he worked with Lt. Ronald Reagan. Then moved you to the Signal Corps, where he made documentary popular outreach alongside director Joris Ivens, Colonel Frank Capra and Captain John Huston. Graduated in 1946. His interest in travel not decreased, as demonstrated in one of his works dedicated to his son.

Apart from his journalistic work and their scripts for film and television, works that gave more fame to Irving Wallace have been his novels, all of them are translated into the Spanish where combined research and an enjoyable read. Although it was often despised by critics seriously, 16 novels and 17 non fictional works sold approximately 250 million copies worldwide. He was married and had two children.

Published work

* The Golden Hall (1988)

* The Heavenly Bed (1987)

* The seventh secret (1985)

* The miracle (1984)

* Project pigeon (1983)

* The Almighty (1982)

* The second Lady (1980)

* The dissenting (1979)

* Almanac of the unusual (1977-8)

* The R document (1976), adapted for TV in 1985.

* Fan club (1974)

* The word (1972), adapted into a TV mini-series in 1978.

* The seven minutes (1969), made into a film in 1971.

* Plot (1967)

* The Knight of the Sunday (1966)

* The Nobel Prize (1962), made into a film in 1963 with the title of The prize.

* Man (1964), made into a film in 1972.

* The island of three sirens (1964)

* 27 The wife (1962)

* The fabulous entrepreneur (1961)

* Report Chapman (1960), made into a film in 1962 with the title of Confidencias women.

* The sins of Philip Fleming (1959)