Tommy Lee Wallace (born on September 6, 1949) is a screenwriter, director and film producer.


Tommy Lee Wallace was born in Somerset, Kentucky, United States. Son of Robert g. Wallace and Kathleen Wallace, also has a sister. Grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and attended high school at the University of Western Kentucky.


BFA in design from Ohio University, Athens, OH MFA in film at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA production program.

Early in the film

Wallace began to fulfill his dream of working in the business of cinema in 1976 when he worked as editor of the assault to the police station in the District 13, directed by friend of long John Carpenter, who had previously worked in 1974 in Dark Star, a comedy that took several years low-budget sci-fi film art director and sound effects to be shot. In 1978, he served as production designer and co-editor of Halloween, also directed by John Carpenter. In 1980, carried out his work as editor and designer of production for the film The Fog. Also appeared in a scene from the movie Halloween Michael Myers playing.

Directorial debut

Halloween 2, John Carpenter, serving as a composer and producer, offered address responsibilities Wallace. After careful deliberation Wallace refused, arguing their disappointment with the writing. Wallace really, however, wrote and directed the third Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

Career to date

Wallace has continued writing and directing. In 1988 he co-wrote and directed night of fear 2 (Fright Night II), starring the main protagonists of the first part: William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall; the film got good reviews despite being a low-budget sequel this demonstrated the talents of director. In 1990, served as writer and director of the movie that (It), based on the novel by Stephen King. In 2002, he directed vampires: Los Muertos, a continuation to vampires, the 1998 directed by John Carpenter film.

Personal life

He was married to actress Nancy Loomis, who played the character of Annie in Halloween and Halloween II, with whom he had two daughters.

Directed movies/series

* Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Halloween III: day witch, 1982)

* The Twilight Zone (Apart from the limits of reality, 1985-1986)

o Wordplay/Dreams for sale / Chameleon (TV episode) (segment “Dreams for sale”)

o Little Boy Lost/Wish Bank/Nightcrawlers (TV episode) (segment “Little Boy Lost”)

o The Leprechaun-Artist/Dead Run (TV episode) (segment “The Leprechaun-Artist”)

* Max Headroom (Max Headrom, man screen, 1987)

o Security Systems (TV episode)

o The Blanks (TV episode)

* Tour of Duty (1987)

* Aloha Summer (1988)

* Fright Night Part 2 (Night of fear II, 1988)

* CBS Summer Playhouse (1989)

o Outpost (TV episode)

* Baywatch (The watchmen from the beach, 1989)

o Cruise Ship (TV episode)

* It (1990)

* And the Sea Will Tell (1991)

* The Comrades of Summer (Olympic comrades, 1992)

* Danger Island (1992)

* Witness to the Execution (Witness of execution, 1994)

* Green Dolphin Beat (1994)

* Flipper (1995)

* Once You Meet a Stranger (Strangers on a train, 1996)

* Steel Chariots (1997)

* The Spree (1998)

* Final Justice (1998)

* Vampires: Los Muertos (2002)

* Helliversity (2010)