Ivan Morales is an actor, director and screenwriter Spanish.

He began his career in the Spanish underground fanzine editor and announcer free radios in the 1980’s to launch an acting career that led him to participate in TV shows as a child, such as Nissaga: Besides the, Dangerous liaisons, El cor de ciutat or poble nou. Apart from films like A mad house, Remake, It piace] Hitchcock or Chair and the tv-movie four stations.

The trick of the manco, winner of three Goya Awards or my sweet, aitana Sánchez-Gijón, carry his signature in the script, as well as short films has time to tell you my secret and David drawing by marcel borràs, nausicaa bonnín, Álvaro Cervantes and Nao albet.

Currently directs the play I know of a place, with anna Alarcón and Oriol Vila in the leading roles.