Jaume Balagueró i Bernat (Lleida, 3 November 1968) is a film director Spanish.


Born on 3 November 1968 in Lleida. Specializing in horror, more specifically on the slopes of “psychological” terror. He graduated in Communication sciences and studied film at the Centre d’Estudis cinematogràfics de catalunya (CECC). He was a journalist and radio presenter (“foam of days”, in Radio Hospitalet) that would succeed at the Sitges Festival of addressing his first work in film, the short film “Alice”. His second short film it would consolidate style lasted in his following works and attract the interest of the producers.

In 1999 he directed his first feature film, the unnamed, adapted from the novel by ramsey campbell, won the gold Meliès to best European fantastic film of the year, assuming their take-off at the international level.

In 2002 he directed together with Paco Plaza OT: film, a documentary about the television program that sparked so many passions that year, which was a follow-up to the vicissitudes of the Group of singers.

His two following films for which has been able to count with larger budgets and prestigious actors in Europe and United States intervention underpin a work acclaimed throughout the world for lovers of the genre, consistently and very personal, no longer by the revisitación of recurring themes that has managed to embrace, but by the use of certain expressive resources (masks anti-gas, old radio transistors, the old family portraits, and the famous “Balagueró effect”, a sort of used at a time “sinister” strobe effect that manages to recreate an atmosphere really uneasy without necessarily referring to too explicit gruesomeness.)

Member of the jury of the first contest of short films by mobile phone held in Sant Feliu de Guíxols in 2007.


Year       Movie

2012       REC – Apocalypse

2010       Flatmate

2010       Fear (short film)

2009       [REC] 2

2007       [REC]

2006       To go to live

2005       Fragile

2002       Darkness

2002       OT – the movie

1999       The unnamed

1995       Days without light

1994       Alícia