Jean Becker is a director, actor and writer of French cinema, born on 10 may 1938 in Paris. He is the son of brother of étienne becker cinematographer and director Jacques becker.


Began his career as Assistant Director of his father in ye atouch not the pasta (Touchez pas au grisbi, 1953), the lovers of Montparnasse (Montparnasse 19, 1958) and evasion (Le trou, 1959), and later with julien duvivier and henri verneuil.

After the death of his father, at the end of evasion, Jean launches adventure direction with La rocca (A nommé La Rocca, 1961) with Jean-paul belmondo, who returns to lead in to free exhaust (free Echappement, 1964) sweet and hooligan (Tendre voyou, 1966), films that will be well received among he public.

After directing comedy caviar tante Olga pour Pas (1965) and the Les saintes chéries television series, does a long break of almost twenty years before returning to the forefront of the film world with killer summer (L’Été meurtrier, 1983) with isabelle adjani and alain souchon. The film gets a huge success and is a candidate in Cannes Palme d’Or and Caesar.

In 1986, gets the César award for best advertising film by Le clémenceau (Citroën).

After the great reception from critics and audience of Elisa (1995), with vanessa paradis and Gérard depardieu, Becker performs three films shot the same actors, including Jacques villeret, Suzanne flon and André dussollier surrounding: the acclaimed Fortune live (Les Enfants du marais, 1998), A crime in Paradise (A crime au paradis, 2000), inspired by the work of Sacha Guitry La poison (1951), and the gardens of memory (Effroyables jardins, 2003) of the eponymous book by michel quint.

He directed Jean-Pierre darroussin and Daniel auteuil in conversations with my gardener (Dialogue avec mon gardener, 2007) which is also scriptwriter.

Released in 2008 and screenwriter tasks addressed stop wanting to me (Deux jours à tuer).

Filmography as director

* La Rocca (1961)

* Free exhaust (1964)

* PAS pour tante Olga caviar (1965)

* Les Saintes Chéries (1965) (TV series)

* Hooligan Dulce (1966)

* Killer summer (1983)

* Contre l’oubli (1991)

* Elisa (1995)

* The fortune of living (1998)

* A crime in Paradise (2001)

* Memory gardens (2003)

* Conversations with my gardener (2007)

* Deux jours à tuer (2008)

* “La friche tête” [my evenings with outer] (2010)