Jesús Bonilla (La Pueblanueva, Spain;) (September 1, 1955), actor and film director played roles in the Moscow gold and recent Rasputin dagger.


Jesús Bonilla is a usual actor in film and television, where has starred in many series. He began to study chemistry and later studied drama.

His filmography has titles as “Mākii”, parts I and II “Belle epoque”, “Kika” “anonymous Queen”, “all men are equal”, “roads”, “the girl of your dreams”, “ask the King accounts”, “community”… and as a director, “Moscow gold” was a success.

In 2003 he gave the break behind camera with clear decision stand to Hollywood. Noting the productions that were in the 60s and 70, Bonilla realized that the key was that gathered the finest actors of the time, choral films as Berlanga. Said and done, he embarked with Santiago Segura in the adventure of the Moscow gold, a big before the Spanish, with Antonio Resines, Alfredo Landa, Concha Velasco and José Luis López Vázquez among other large ‘comedians’ as protagonists. Director and screenwriter signs its sequel, the malicious ‘ Rasputin dagger ‘ title. In this last notable as the first director of the story that got rolling in the red square in Moscow. Meanwhile, Jesús Bonilla leaves see also for the small screen. In addition in ‘ Los Serrano’, has participated in shows such as ‘ journalists ‘, ‘ dear teacher ‘ and ‘ Mediterranean ‘, or ‘ Pepa and Pepe’.

In Moscow gold made his directorial film debut and his films as actor are numerous roles of all kinds, although it is known to act as a bad-tempered 40s and humorous time in the series Los Serrano.


“I like to identify with ordinary people and I like to laugh of him, laugh, because everyone is a little losers in life”


As an actor


* Good days lost (1991), Antonio Gala.

* Download Al Moro (1985), of J.L. Alonso de Santos.


Feature films

* Two better than one (1984), Angel Llorente.

* Me not complicated life (1991), Ernesto del Río.

* Belle Epoque (1992), Fernando trueba.

* Makinavaja, last choriso (1992), Carlos Suárez.

* The anonymous Queen (1992), Gonzalo Suárez.

* Kika (1993), by Pedro Almodóvar.

* The worst years of our lives (1993), Emilio Martínez Lázaro.

* Dangerous Semos (Makinavaja 2 uséase) (1993), Carlos Suárez.

* All men are equal (1994), by Manuel Gómez pereira.

* Thus in heaven on Earth (1994), José Luis string.

* Oh, heavens! (1994), Ricardo Franco.

* Belmonte (1995), of Juan Sebastián bollaín.

* The girl of your dreams (1995), Jesus r. Delgado.

* You only die twice (1996), of Esteban ibarretxe.

* The good life (1996), David trueba.

* Thanks for the tip (1997), of Francesc bellmunt.

* Secondary roads (1997), Emilio Martínez Lázaro.

* Kill me much (1997), of José Ángel bohollo.

* The girl of your dreams (1998), Fernando trueba.

* Muertos de risa (1999), by álex de la Iglesia.

* Ask the King accounts (1999), José Antonio Quirós.

* Pepe Guindo (1999), of Manuel Iborra.

* Goodbye heart (1999), by José Luis García Sánchez.

* Full 15 (1999), Josetxo San Mateo.

* The community (2000), by álex de la Iglesia.

* You can be a killer (2000), of Fernando Méndez-Leite.

* Masterpiece (2000), David trueba.

* Torrente 2: misión en Marbella (2001) of Santiago Segura.

* Moscow gold (2002), Jesús Bonilla.

* Lysistrata (2002), of Francesc bellmunt.

* Chocolate Parrot (2004), Ernesto Martín.

* Bad grape (2004), Javier Sunday.

* R2 and the case of the Headless corpse (2005), Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia.

* The world around (2005), Alex Calvo – Sotelo.

* The dagger of Rasputin (2011), Jesús Bonilla.

Short films

* Pass it! (1994), Júlio César Fernández.

* Theft in Capitol cinema (1996), Fernando Guillén Cuervo.


* Broken dishes (TVE, 1985) As Fermin

* The woman of your life lost women (1988), Ricardo Franco.

* Download Al Moro (1987), Gerardo mesh and Francisco montolío.

* The worst show of the week (1993)

* Oh, Lord, Lord! (Antena 3, 1994)

* Dear master Telecinco (1996) As Carlos

* The band of Perez (TVE, 1997) As Urquiza

* Mediterranean (Telecinco, 1999 – 2000) As a welcome

* You can be a killer (2000)

* Journalists Telecinco (2000) As Vincent Zamora

* 7 Vidas (Telecinco, 2002) As Aguado. (Cameo)

* The Serrano (Telecinco, 2003-2008) As Santiago Serrano