Joan Rendé Masdeu i (Barcelona, 1943) is a writer and journalist Spanish of Catalonia.

He studied arts, medicine and journalism but not completed any Bachelor’s degree. In the field of journalism, he contributed in the newspaper Avui for years a column signed with the pseudonym of Dr. scopius. He has also collaborated with Serra d’Or and other media. The program writer has been Oh, Bongònia TV3 and catalunya ràdio Consultori Cecķlia Bibiloni sentimental programme radio.

His literary work, marked by a characteristic irony, was started in 1978 with Sumari murderer. He was part of the collective ofèlia dracs. In the course of his career he has won several literary awards. Writer, complete dedication to literature professor of literature and the Ateneo of Barcelona writing school principal.

Published works


* 1978 Sumari homicide

* 1981 Llibre de figuracions

* 1988 Consultori sentimental Cecília Bibiloni

* 1992 Cavalleria impossible

* 1993 Words of Larsa llegat

* 1994 The viatger

* 1997 Defiler barber

* 2004 The sabata pedra


* 1987 L’orient rei

Literary awards

* 1977 Prize Mercè Rodoreda – Victor Catalá by Sumari homicide

* 1997 Catalan narrative criticism award by the rapist barber

* The sabata pedra 2003 Prize Mercè Rodoreda – Mercè Rodoreda