Esther Regina, Spanish actress. BA in French. Translation of the European Union Biography

Working in theatre, film and television. His penchant for the performing arts the motivated from an early age to physical theatre and theatre, singing and dance form. By identical interest in languages and literature he studied French Philology at the Complutense University of Madrid, completed at the University of Metz (France) and Saarbrücken (Germany), countries where he also worked as a teacher. Later he is translator at the European Parliament, in Luxembourg, and raised in Belgium as a translator for the European Union activity which combines first with Dramatic art studies, and later with the craft of actress for several years at the Spanish Theatre in Brussels, which is Pollux Hernúñez, director with the founding. Their training and experience in different countries have earned to strengthen your career and interpret papers both in English and in French, German, Italian and English. Since his return to Spain he has worked in theatre, television and cinema among others, under the direction Luke Fernandez, sigfrid monleón and Carlos Iglesias twice, the last as protagonist of his “ispansi!” feature.


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(Spanish) – Paula (protagonist) – Carlos Iglesias Ispansi

Franco, 14 pesetas – teacher; -Carlos Iglesias

The Consul of Sodom – Conchita – sigfrid monleón

Oscar. A surrealist passion – Ginette – Lucas Fernández

“Patch”, short film – Claudia – Pablo Maeso

“This is better”, short film – mother – José da Vimar-Lolo Martín

“Five minutes”, short film – Professor – Azucena Alonso

“cuore matto”, short film – Luna


Central Hospital – Telma – videomedia

My twin is only child – Asunción, Professor University – Grundy

Successful Pells – Helena – ZeppelinTV-4

Bevilacqua – Claudia – Mundoficción-TVE

To see if I get – Inspector of health – Alba Adriatic

“I am Bea”, three episodes – Court – psychologist Grundy productions

“Plant 25”, 5 episodes – Dr. Estremera – Alba Adriatic

“Ulysses syndrome” – patient – Zeta Audiovisual

“Countdown” – stewardess airplane – Globomedia

Love in times revueltos – employed orphanage – Diagonal TV

“The coming” – nurse – Alba Adriatic

“My lovely neighbours” – flight attendant. -Globomedia

“Manolo and Benito” – ATS – group Drive

“Home accidents” – wife – TV icon


Classic – Spanish Brussels Theatre repertoire. -Dir. Pollux Hernúñez

“Mari Puri and Andrajosa” – Dir. José Ángel Capelo

“Quella donna”-Azucena Álvarez

“Mutatis Mutandis” – Theatre Festival of Ávila – Dir. José Ángel Capelo