Joaquín Gómez Bas (Cangas de Onís, Asturias, Spain, 1907 – May 26 , Argentina, 1984) was a writer, painter and Spanish film resided at Argentina. He was member of the Academia Lunfardo Porteña.


Born in Asturias, Spain, she settled in the Argentina where he performed his work. Writing novels received important awards. His novel “Grey area” was made into a film in 1955, also writing the script, resulting in award-winning best film of the year Awards Silver Condor). He also collaborated on the adaptation of the pink corner man of Jorge Luis Borges story for the film of the same name directed by René Mugica. His first show as a painter was made in 1958 and several of his works are in Argentine museums. In 1984 he received the Konex award.


* “Grey area”, novel, 1952.

* “Gold low”, novel, 1957.

* “Comparsa”, 1965.

* “Gotera”.

* “The hangover”, 1969.

* “The guitar”, 1970.

* “Lanterns in the fog”, poetry.

* “Hocus” poetry.

* “The blind Tarantula” poetry.

* “Suburb” stories.


* Medal of gold of the National Commission of culture for “Grey area”, 1954.

* Award silver Condor for best film of the year for “grey area”, 1954.

* Prize of the Mendoza book fair by “La Comparsa”, 1965.

* First Regional award for “The hangover”, 1970.