Author of film, theatre and television. Director of theatre and Video. Bibliography

Argentina, born in Buenos Aires. He has a son and a daughter. Enter in the film industry in 1974, working in production: the truce, The surprises, Juan who laughed.

In 1985 to start writing feature films that have enabled it to obtain prizes and national and international awards and creates a new space of the film crew: the artistic coordination, participating in all stages of the realization of films involving: I will be anything but I love you, coexistence, kisses on the forehead, Spoils of war, Sun City, among others.

1976 Starts its activity in the advertising field. First as creative and then as Director in video, collaborating with important agencies of our environment. His later work in Agency are aimed at advertising films. Today performed sporadically, institutional productions to public or private companies and for contribution to the community.

Perform some theatrical staging and work in groups of theatrical experimentation, it began to direct his own works. It is currently developing a new project. With the restoration of democracy in the country, in 1983, from different fields and disciplines, gender emerged as one of the remaining items on social debate. As author and filmmaker, produces different media for university chairs, centres of studies and primarily for mass media.

In 1989 began to write for television miniseries and Unitarians. In the teaching field, coordinates screenplay workshops and since 1994 is holder of the Chair of indent III career design of image and sound of the Faculty of architecture and design from the University of Buenos Aires. It gives seminars of audiovisual narrative structures and is proprietor of hyphen III and coordinator of the work of thesis for writers and filmmakers from the national school of experimentation and realization (ENERC), dependent on the National Institute of film and media arts.

He gives courses and audiovisual narrative structures and screenplay workshops in schools around the country.



2001. in good faith. Author, Director, executive producer tragicomedy. The dressing room of the muses. Cast: Naomi Frenkel – Alex Benn

1995-6 March front of author and Director.Music-hall.Teatro square. Cafe-concert of the Wine Club. Interpreter Charles March.

1995 Flock. Author.

1994 Cheerful girls of the forest. Author.

1993 Goddesses in the air. Author and Director. Read theater version. Foundation Bank patricians. Cast: Virginia Innocenti. Marzenka Novvak. Ana María Castell. Ana Maria married. Monica Estévez

1991 Goddesses in the air. Author and Director. Lasalle theatre. Cast: Gabriela Toscano and Adriana Salone.

1984 The cycle of gold. Author.

1982 The descent. Author.

1981 Romeo et Jeannette. Director. Author: Jean Anhouil. Sponsored by the Alliance Française and the Argentina Writers Association (SADE). Lasalle theatre. Interpreters. Mario Lozano. Paul Brichta…

1979. The fellow man. Director. Author: Carlos Gorostiza.Teatro “Galera”

1978 To lack of bread. Director. Pedro E.Pico. farce Theatre “Fusa”

1977 Don Quixote of the Mancha. Author in collaboration with Carlos Oves. Children’s musical comedy.


2004-5 The other self documentary miniseries. Author. Address Alberto lecchi.

2003 Sketches of Chejov. Author. Television Unit for the “ensayo” channel 7 cycle. Oscar barney finn address.

2002 That is. Documentary for the 30th anniversary of the film Museum and the cinema day. Researcher and writer. Argentina Televisora Color.

1997 Rosaura at ten. Adapter and Marco denevi novel writer. and artistic coordination. Channel 11. Address: Carlos galettini.

1994-6 High comedy. Author. TV series produced and broadcast by Channel 9. Address: Maria Herminia Avellaneda. Alberto Rinaldi. Chapters: “Change image” “Misha” “Begonias and Daisies” “and the world will be one” interpreter: Dora Baret. “Good message” “Run to the heart,” “The work of Venus” interpreter: bettiana blum. “Vestidora”. Alicia bruzzo interpreter.

1993 One author. TV mini-series of four chapters. Produced and broadcast by ATC Argentina Televisora Color. Oscar barney finn address. Cast: China Zorrilla, Oscar Martinez, thelma biral and Federico luppi.

1992 Mixed. TV Autora.Ciclo of unit. Produced and broadcast by ATC channel 7. Address: Oscar Barney Finn. Chapters: “Promises”. “Where is the Sun.” “Images of Alice”. “The beautiful dream of a day”. “When the road opens”. “Out of time”. Cast: Miguel Ángel solá, China Zorilla, Federico Luppi, Thelma Biral.

1990 Shrimp. Screenwriter. TV series 36 chapters to puppets and cartoons for Televisión Española, Barcelona, production r. Shepherd.

1988 Plomera in my neighborhood. Author. Thirteen chapters TV miniseries produced and broadcast by channel 11 TV, Capital Federal, nationwide repeaters. Cast: Bettiana Blum and John Leyrado

1985 The other half. Author, screenwriter and filmmaker. Mini-series of three chapters for television, produced by Sur-Visión, which analyzes the situation of women in the Argentina. Genres: Drama, documentary and Testimonial performers: Miguel Angel single. Dora Baret. Marta Bianchi. Tina Serrano and others.

1985 Breakthroughs in the night. Creator and Director. Journalistic program specializing in film, broadcast on Cable vision.


2009 The wrong country. Adaptation of the novel dalmiro Sáenz. Screenwriter. Feature film production.

2006 Make homeland. Screenwriter. Feature-length documentary. Dir. David blaustein.

2002 30 years of national cinema documentary for the film Museum.

2000 City of the Sun. Author and artistic coordinator. Feature film direction Carlos galettini. Cast: Dario Grandineti, jasmine Stuart, Nicholas Cabré, Leonor Manso, Patricio Contreras. Fair Maria

1999 Spoils of war. Co-screenwriter. Documentary about Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo. Address David Blaustein.

1998. The age of the Sun. Author. Feature film. Flener Films production company. Interpreter: Soledad and others.

1996 Kisses in front. Artistic coordinator and co-writer, together with Carlos Galettini and Jacobo Langsner. Address: Carlos Galettini. Cast: China Zorrilla, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Claudio Garcia Satur.

1993 Coexistence. Adapter, screenwriter and artistic coordinator. Feature film based on the play by Oscar Viale. Address: Carlos Galettini. Cast: Jose sacristan and Luis Brandoni.

1985 I will be anything, but I love you. Adapter, co-writer and artistic coordinator. Feature film based on the play by Sergio Cecco came the plumber. Address: Carlos Galettini. Cast: Luis Brandoni and Dora Baret.

1985 Creates a new role within the film crew: the coordination artistic.

1974 Enters the film industry in the production branch to participate in the feature films: the truce, address: Sergio Renan. The surprises Address: Alberto fischerman, Carlos galettini, Luis puenzo

1975 ‘ Juan laughed,’ address: Carlos Galettini (1976)


1995 Between achievements and challenges. Author and filmmaker.Video documentary about the achievements of women in the last decade, to the National Council of women.

1991 Meeting of fathers and mothers. Author, producer and Director. Motivational, video program “Familia-Escuela”. GEST. A group of social transformation studies. Sponsored by IAP Inter-American Foundation and IDRC’s International Development Research. Interpreters. Henry Trayles, Jesus Berenguer, Ana María Castel, Lucrecia Capello, Eleonora Wexler and others.

1990 Mary, working in private house. Author and filmmaker. For the Center for women’s studies, for the project “Domestic service unremunerated and organising problems”. Issued at labour exchanges and communal organizations.

1990 The another look. Author and filmmaker. Educational video for the Chair of psychology of the University of Belgrano. Prof. Ana Maria Daskal. Theme: “Gender stereotypes in the psychoanalytic interpretation”. Cast: Paul Brichta and Mercedes Morán.


1994 “Nobody is born knowing” Creative Director. Graphical radio campaign – television. Sponsor: National Council of women.

1994. “International women’s day” Creative Director. Gráfica-radial campaign. Sponsor. National Council of women

1993. “With an equal Pact” Creative Director. Graphical radio campaign – sponsor television: National Council of women.

1992. “Campaign international women’s day”. Director creative. graphic campaign. Sponsor: Expensive Cuore.

1989 “No more no less”. Creative and filmmaker. International women’s day campaign. Advertiser expensive Cuore. Women’s lingerie line.

1985. “Campaign international women’s day”, co-writer, co-producer and Director. Seven short advertising in video, broadcast on all channels broadcast in the country, in spaces otherwise disposed of by the women’s Undersecretary, Ministry of Social Action of the nation. Accession of women and men in the film. Cast: Chunchuna Villafañe, Soledad Silveyra, Miguel Ángel Solá, Martha Bianchi, Ana Maria Pichio, Federico Luppi.

1976-82 Starts its activity in the advertising media such as editor, working then as a Creative Director, Director of the electronic production, Director of the commercial video shorts. Agencies: Juventas advertising. Lintas. Yuste advertising. LBG, among others.

Auditors attended: Daihatsu (cars). NCR (computers). Belgrano insurance company. Laboratories Defort (lines insecticides Yale). Detergent camel. Cornstarch. Woolite. Terrabussi. Lerithier sweets. Luxury link. Lever (Rexina.) Skyp. (Ala). Austral Líneas Aéreas. MiLuz (paintings). Cider victory. Association of insurance agencies. Laboratories Medex-Onicrón (Medex and Kleenex lines), among others.


1992 /Presente Faculty of architectural design and urban planning (FADU) UBA. Career design of image and sound holder of the Chair of dash II in third year.

1992 – 1996 Faculty of architectural design and urban planning (FADU) UBA holder of the Chair structures narratives Audiovisuales. First year.

2005 / This IUNA University National Institute of arts. Holder of the chairs: Grade I and II, Tesisnas coordination project development. Consultants and directors, thesis.

1994 2006 ENERC. National School of experimentation and cinematographic realization of the National Institute of film and media arts. Holder of the Chair of indent III, third year and supervision of thesis. ENERC. National School of experimentation and cinematographic realization of the National Institute of film and media arts.

1994 2004 Holder of Chair of indent III, third year and supervision of thesis. and holder of the Chair of structures narratives audiovisual II script II and script analysis for producers, directors and photographers.

1998 / 2002 Workshop audiovisual narrative structures (ENERC). School Experimental realization Cinematográfica of National Institute of film and media arts.

2007 Training professional in the music Trade Union of the industry Film Center. Screenplay seminar

2006 Eliseo Subiela film school. Seminar “If character there history”

1997 INCAA and culture provincial secretariats. Seminars of script in the interior of the country.

1997 Faculty Plata National University of fine arts Secreatría of extension and links to the productive environment. Screenplay workshop.

1995. Ibero-American Congress of theatre. Coordination of the women workshop and playwriting collective

1993 City of Buenos Aires. Programme “Solidarity action” women workshop coordination and playwriting collective

1990-present coordinates writing private workshops.

Gender issue

With the recovery of democracy in Argentina, from different fields and disciplines, gender emerged as one of the remaining items on social debate.

As author and filmmaker, produces different media for university chairs, centres of study and primarily for the mass media.

It also performs theoretical and journalistic works on women and media, women cinema, women and theatre.

Directed experimental theater groups from the axis of the genre and coordinated workshops such as: Workshop women and playwriting collective, the programme “Solidarity action” of the municipality of Buenos Aires (1993) and the Ibero-American Congress of Theatre (1995).

He is institutionally as member of the Council consultant of the Under-Secretariat of women, of the Ministry of human development and family of the Ministry of Social Action of the nation and of the Council Advisory of the Council Provincial of the women of the province of Buenos Aires (1988-89).

Member of the Commission is creator and organizer of “Meeting women and theater” (1992/96) and integrates the Board of Directors of “La women and cinema” (1994-98).

For ten consecutive years performs mass outreach for the international women’s day, as creative and Director and in some cases also occurring.

The first one (1985) can put into practice with the contribution of women and men of the cinema and airs on all channels broadcast in the country, in spaces otherwise disposed of by the women’s Undersecretary, Ministry of Social Action of the nation. First-level technicians involved and were played by actors Chunchuna Villafañe, Soledad Silveyra, Miguel Ángel Solá, Martha Bianchi, Ana María Picchio and Federico Luppi.

In 1989, the campaigns have the contribution of private companies. The first to take this initiative is Caro-Cuore, women’s lingerie. Advertising spot was a finalist in several competitions.

Campaign graphics, radio and television, “Public space”, sponsored by the national women’s Council in 1993, is an unusual duration. One part consists of stickers that are pasted into the public baths and remain fixed for years


In the year 2008 Paidós publishes its first theoretical book on hyphen in short times notes for writing short and feature film.

Since 1986 works in different media articles on communication, creativity and screenplay graphics. Between them they include:

* 2006 Writers by writers. Interview. Group action word (comp). Buenos Aires, 7 International Independent Film Festival.    * 2005 We write film. Christian Busquier (Comp) the aisle. Buenos Aires.

* 2004 Space of the writers of films. Magazine “Cinemanía” # HISTORIAN

* 2004 “Cultural bug buzz”. Magazine film and audiovisual arts. from the ENERC No. 8

* 2000 “A good story”. Revista ADF (Argentina Association of authors of photography film) year 3 N ° 7. (2000)

* 1996 Paper “complex and the austere”.(The hyphen). published in”Kieskowski days”, compilation of the presentations. Design communication CEADIG secretariat publications area. FADU. University of Buenos Aires.

* 1989 “Evil woman is TV” Revista crisis. NO 74

* 1987 “In the nave of patriarchy” women and advertising. Crisis magazine. N 54 °

* 1986 “Women and the teleteatro” Supplement woman. Daily Tiempo Argentino.

* 1986 “Innovate much to change anything” Supplement woman newspaper Tiempo Argentino.

* 1986 “Things that they make them not grace to comedians” Supplement woman. Daily Tiempo Argentino.

* 1986 “New rings in former case” Supplement woman. Daily Tiempo Argentino.

* 1986 “The joys of men and women shadows.” Supplement to women. Daily Tiempo Argentino.

* 1986 “Unknown of the cinema” Supplement woman. Daily Tiempo Argentino.

* 1986 “For”pain and passion. Conversation with Jutta Bruckner. Performances. Clarín


2004 / 2007 Member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences Argentina. Commission of script

2005 Member of the Advisory Committee (Ad Honorem) of the Argentina authors Association General (Argentores) Film Commission

1994 / 98 Member of the Board of Directors of “Women and cinema”

1992 / 96 Member of the creative and organizing Commission of “Women and theatre meeting.”

1988 / 89 Board member consultant of the Under-Secretary for women of the Ministry of human development and family of the Ministry of Social Action of the nation

1988/1989 Member of the Advisory Board of the Provincial of the province of Buenos Aires women’s Council.


2009 Short stories. The INCAA short film contest.

2006 ARGENTORES contest prize film

2003/6 Festival of Mar del Plata. Committee Advisor for the selection of films in competition.

2005 ARGENTORES Contest award film.

2004 University of the film contest of short film.

2001. National Institute of film and media arts. INCAA competition films themed addressed to children and young people.

1999 The Ministry of culture of the Presidency of the nation. Competition Prize national Borges and young people. Guión-video.

1998 Faculty of philosophy and literature. UBA contest times short.

1998 Contest national George Melies. Video shorts

1998 Foundation of the book. Video-Poema contest

1995. National Institute of cinematography and audiovisual arts. (INCAA) Short film contest

1994 National Council of the national contest women of Video “The work of women in image”.

1994. National Institute of cinematography and audiovisual arts. (INCAA). System partnership feature-length documentary projects contest.

1994. Women and film festival. Video Contest.

1990. National Institute of cinematography (INC).Argentina. Co-production competition

1989 XI International Festival of new cinema and Video Latin American (Havana). Screenplay jury President unpublished.

Kids dashes national 1989.concurso organized by the comprehensive school Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

1988 (UNCIPAR) filmmakers Union of small step. Short films made by women


1990 2006 Participates in colloquia organised by public and private institutions as the author and Director on topics related to the theatrical and cinematographic creation. They include among them:

2005 7Th Buenos Aires independent film festival. Writers by writers.

2003.Archivo General of the nation and University of Buenos Aires Symposium “Images of the film” Ponenecia “Show thinking and produce film”

2000 The Ministry of education and culture of Avellaneda. Lecture: Film chico world at the Conference organized by the

1997 13 Mar del Plata film festival. Colloquia literature and cinema. Colloquium “The process of adaptation” with Paul Schrader and Alain Robbe-Grillet. Ricardo Manetti coordination.

1997 CECYM encounters culture and women presentation Center: Theater and sexual violence. Analysis of the three winning entries of the competition. Room Plaza Pablo Picasso.

1997 Symposium book fair “In female sexuality myths” coordination María Luisa Lerer.

1996 School of architecture, design and urban planning (FADU – University of Buenos Aires.) Design communication CEADING and area secretariat publications FADU – paper complex Lo and austere (dash) – day homage to Kieslowski,

1996. Ibero-American Congress of theatre. Women and theatre Colloquium. Transformations, presentation on experimentation in playwriting from a gender perspective. Cervantes theatre.

1994 Latin American International Congress of Teatro.Ponencia: women, their identity in the theatre in the 21st century

1985/97-Participates in seminars, workshops, conferences and colloquia, as panelist and lecturer on topics related to the participation of women in the media as the author and filmmaker, having been convened by State, provincial and municipal institutions, such as the Department, Secretariat and direction of the women of the nation, the Council Provincial of the women of the province of Buenos Aires, the University of Lomas de Zamora, Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, among others and non-governmental agency and private institutions such as: national meeting on women, women place, Argentina society of writers, Foundation Bank patricians. The book, including fair


* 2000 Award of the Jury of the twenty-first Festival of the new cinema Latin American Havana: “Spoils of war”

* 2000 Award of the Jury Ecumenical of the international of the Berlin Film Festival: “Spoils of war”

* 2000 Award Valladolid section documentary story time: “Spoils of war”

* 1997 Award Image satellite feature private. Best screenplay/97: “Kisses on the forehead”

* 1997 Honorable mention of the jury First Miami Hispanic Film Festival / 96: “Kisses on the forehead”

* 1997 Award for Best screenplay UNEAC National Union of writers and artists Cubans. 18 * Festival of the new film Havana. “Kisses on the forehead”

* 1998 Award Radio Habana best script. “Kisses on the forehead”

* 1997 Best screenplay nomination. Film Critics Association. “Kisses on the forehead”

* 1996.Premio best screenplay adaptation. IX Lauro “Uncut” “Kisses on the forehead”

* 1994 Best award screenplay adaptation Lauro “Without courts” “Coexistence”

* 1995 Premio ARGENTORES . Best screenplay. “Coexistence”

* 1995 Fellowship participation “Sundance Lab” address. Robert Redford. First laboratory for South American writers. Screenplay: “A sad winter blue nights.”

* 1994 Special mention of the jury, Festival international de Huelva. “Coexistence”

* 1987.Premio Coral. Unpublished screenplay. IX Latin American Video and Film Festival (Havana). “The neighborhood of the gray Angel”

* 1987. Best film nomination. Film Critics Association (Argentina) “will be anything but I love you”.

* 1986 Special mention. VIII International Festival of film and Video Latin American (Havana). Video “The other side” miniseries.

* 1982. “Open movie”. Screenplay. Short story “The passage of the elephant”.

* 1976 “Santa Clara de ASIS” and “San Gabriel” by campaign contribution to the community – southern air lines.