Jonathan Charles Turteltaub (New York, United States, August 8, 1963) is a director, producer and American screenwriter, who has worked both film and television. He has directed films such as while dormías (1995), Phenomenon (1996), or two deliveries of National Treasure (2004 and 2007).


Personal life

Saul Turteltaub, a producer and screenwriter, Jon was born on August 8, 1963 in New York City (NY) and grew up in Beverly Hills (California).[ 1 ] Secondary studied at Beverly Hills High School, where was a classmate and became friends with actor Nicolas Cage.[ 2 ] Subsequently attended Wesleyan University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1985, and a master’s degree at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Married with Amy Eldon, also producer and screenwriter, in 2006.


Jon Turteltaub had his first experience as director and screenwriter films Think Big (1989) and Driving Me Crazy (1991). Later led 3 ninjas (1992), Cool comedian (1993), the romantic comedy as dormías (1995), starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, Phenomenon (1996), fantastic tape starring John Travolta, and The Kid (2000), with Bruce Willis.

Directed and produced two deliveries of series of adventures (2004 and 2007), starring Nicolas Cage, his former teammate and Diane Kruger National Treasure of Institute. Returned to collaborate with the latter in the sorcerer’s apprentice tape in 2010.

In his facet as a producer he has participated in TV series Jericho (2006-2008) and Harper’s Island (2009), which served as executive producer at thirteen and twenty-five episodes respectively. Both productions directed, addition and sporadically, some episode.