Jonathan Gregory Brandis (13 April 1976 – 12 November 2003) was an actor American.


Jonathan Brandis  was born in Danbury, Connecticut State. The only son of Gregory Brandis,  a distributor of food, and Mary teacher and agent personal. Con five years already made announcements on television, toys, cereals and other productos. Su life was marked by numerous problems with drugs. November 12, when he was only 27 years old, was hanged. A friend found him the next day. During his short life had romances with Vinessa Shaw, Tatyana Ali, and Monica Keena among others.


Brandis made his debut in 1982 at the age of 6 in the saga One Live to Life. Five years later, in 1987 made an appearance in Fatal attraction. He was guest starred in shows such as Kate and Allie, la ley de los Ángeles, murder, she wrote it, Flash: human lightning or Blossom.

In 1990 got her first role protagonist in the film the never-ending story 2: the next chapter (in Spain), the story without end (Latin America). That same year landed the role of Bill Denbrough It miniseries based on the Stephen King book.

In 1992 she made two films which had not much success. Everything for my girl next to Rodney Dangerfield and unite together to Chuck Norris.

In 1993 gave Lucas Wolenczak life science fiction series SeaQuest: the watchmen from the bottom of the sea; with this role earned in 1994 award for best young actor in a series. Season tried to do a remodeling series changing the SeaQuest 2032 name but did not work and was cancelled before finishing their third year of issuance.

After the failure of the series, Brandis continued his career in an unobtrusive manner appearing in telefilms as born free 2 and pushed the vacuum in 1996 among others.

Protagonist in I don’t miss something as silly as sex with Alec Baldwin and a supporting role in riding with the devil to Tobey Maguirre, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Jewel landed a role in the late 1990s.

In 2002 he made a brief role in the war of Hart alongside Colin Farrell and Bruce Willis. Among his recent works appeared in Puerto Vallarta Squeeze and 111 Gramercy Park. His posthumous film where it had a secondary role A fate worse than death totally premiered in 2005. 11 November at 23: 40, a friend called police informing Brandis had attempted suicide. He quickly moved to the hospital, but could do nothing to save her and her death was certified at 14: 45 on November 12.


[Edit] Cinema


Year       Film        Paper    Title in English

2004       The Slainesville Boys       Director/producer           Published posthumously

2002       Hart’s war            Pvt. Lewis p. Wakely       Hart’s War

The Year That Trembled                Casey Pedersen

1999       I can not miss something as silly as sex   Mousy Outside Providence

Ride with the devil          Cave Wyatt         Ride with the Devil

1998       Between the Sheets      Avacado Robert

Aladdin’s Arabian Adventures: Magic Makers     Mozenrath (voice)

1992       All for my girl      Matthew/Martha            Ladybugs

Together to overcome Barry Gabrewski               Sidekicks

1990       Ghost Dad           Additional voices

The neverending story 2: the next chapter          Bastian Bux         The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter

1989       2 Stepfather       Todd Grayland Stepfather II or The Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy

1988       The Wrong Guys              Kid Tim

Oliver and his gang          Voice     Oliver & Company

1987       Fatal attraction Party Guest        Fatal Attraction



Year       Title       Paper    Title in English    Type

2003       111 Gramercy Park          Will Karnegian

1997       Two Came Back                Jason                     Film

1996       Her Last Chance                Preston Altherton                           Film

Born Free: A New Adventure     Randal “Rand” Everett Thompson                            Film

Pushed vacuum                Chad      Fall Into Darkness            Film

1994-1995            Aladdin                 Mozenrath (voice)                          8 episodes

1994       Good King Wenceslas    Prince Wenceslas                             Film

1993-1996            The watchmen from the bottom of the sea         Lucas Wolenczak              seaQuest DSV   57 episodes

1993       Saved by the Bell: The College Years       Himself                                 1 episode

1992       Crossroads          Michael Stahl                     1 episode

1991       Gabriel’s Fire      Matthew Fixx                    1 episode

Those wonderful years                 Steve    The Wonder Years           1 episode

Our Shining Moment      Michael “scooter” McGuire                         Film

Blossom               Stevie                   1 episode

1990       Murder, she wrote         Kevin Bryce        Murder, She Wrote        1 episode

Alien Nation       Andron                                 1 episode

Flash      Terry Cohan       The Flash             1 episode

The Monsters of today Matt Glover       The Munsters Today      1 episode

It             Bill Denbrough (Age 12)                                Miniseries

1989       Forced parents                 Michael                Full House           1 episode

Who’s the boss?               Paul       Who’s the Boss?               1 episode

1988       Mars: Base One                                                Film

Webster              Bobby                   1 episode

1987       Good Morning, Miss Bliss             Michael Thompson                         1 episode

The law of Los Angeles Kevin Talbot       L.A. Law               2 episodes

Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story    Lance, age 11 years                         Film

1986       Special Magical mystery                Jonathan

Hammer Hammer            Young Sledge     Sledge Hammer!              1 episode

1984       Kate & Allie              Chip’s Friend                      1 episode

1982       One Life to Live                 Young Kevin Riley Buchanan