Melvin Kaminsky (New York, June 28, 1926), known as Mel Brooks, is a screenwriter, actor and director of American cinema, specializing in the genre of comedy.


Son of Russian Jewish parents during the Second World War he belonged to the US Army engineers and it is there where he gave his first comic steps parodying the army radio propaganda messages nazi that could be heard in the German radio. Back to United States, he worked for television writing screenplays for series or comedy shows, the get smart (Get Smart) being the most prominent of them.

Its entry into the world of cinema was in 1968 with the producers (The Producers), director and screenwriter. Gives life to a producer of musical con man and to a shy and nervous accountant who find the biggest scam ever created: produce a musical whose failure is secured way of making more money than with a successful musical. Won Academy Award for best screenplay in 1969.

One of his most well-known parodies is on the classic be or not to be, in which interprets the Polish theatre which during the Second World War has to act to save his life and many of those who surround him in this comedy actor.

Mel Brooks has also been the producer of the Elephant Man David Lynch (1980) and the fly of David Cronenberg (1986). To produce these films so alien to his style had to create company Brooksfilms, due to the fact that the audience viewing posters ‘ Mel Brooks presents ‘, think immediately in a comedy.

The titles of his films have been translated into English in differently in different countries, and also have been modified, usual practice for these hearings.

In tributes, 2009 received the Prix Kennedy of the u.s. Government and 25 April 2010 received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his film career.


* Producers (The Producers, 1968) (director and writer).

* The mystery of 12 chairs (The Twelve Chairs, 1970) (director, screenwriter and actor).

* Saddles hot (Blazing Saddles, 1974) (director, screenwriter and actor).

* The Young Frankenstein (Young Frankenstein, 1974) (director, screenwriter).

* Latest madness (Silent Movie, 1976) (director, screenwriter and actor).

* Maximum anxiety (High Anxiety, 1978) (director, screenwriter and actor).

* Spaceballs world (History of the World.) Part I, 1981) (director, screenwriter and actor).

* I am or not am (To be or not to be, 1983) (actor).

* Spaceballs galaxies (Spaceballs, 1987) (director, screenwriter and actor).

* To the disgust of life! (Life Stinks, 1991) (director, screenwriter and actor).

* Mad, mad adventures of Robin Hood (Robin Hood: Men in Tights, 1993) (director, screenwriter and actor).

* Dracula: dead but happy (Dracula: Dead and Loving It, 1995) (director, screenwriter and actor).

* Robots (2005) (voice).

* Super agent 86 (Get Smart, 1965-1970) (screenwriter)