Jorge Bea Gilabert (1968)It is an Spanish writer, the Pilar Miró 2008 finalist.


Jorge Bea and Gonzalo Miró in the delivery of the Pilar Miró 2008

Born in Valencia in 1968. It is grandson of José bea Izquierdo, festive poet who developed his work in the area of the Festival of Fallas of Valencia, and the son of José Bea Mataix, playwright award SGAE Theatre 1997-awarded. He has developed his career in radio and television of Valencia as a technician. In 2002 he wrote and directed the short film “scale i corda”, based on a mode of game of pelota valenciana, which was selected for the Mostra of Valencia. In 2008 was finalist of the Fundación Alfredo mattes Prize work “in the spotlight” script. It received the second prize in the call for award Pilar Miró of Television Academy script scripted “on request”.


It tells the story of Sean O’Rourke, an old Irish Member of the IRA during the war of independence Ireland exported fraudulently by works of art in Spain just before the outbreak of the Civil War.


Custom, feature film, 2007

In the spotlight, tv movie, 2007

The first step, short film, 2005

Scale i corda, short film, 2002