Joaquim Jordà (Santa Coloma de farners, August 9, 1935 – Barcelona, 24 June 2006) was a film director Spanish.

A graduate in right by the University of Barcelona, later moved to the Madrid film school, and in 1952 he traveled to Paris to enter the environment of the Cinematheque. There he met, among others, éric rohmer, françois truffaut, Claude chabrol, and Jacques rivette, and acquired the political consciousness that marked his work.

In 1958 he joined the cinematographic experiences and Research Institute. He collaborated in the magazines “Accent Cultural”, “Cinema University” and “Our film”, and worked as an Assistant of direction, script, production manager and even actor, working for filmmakers such as Carlos Durán and pere portabella. He was together with producer and filmmaker Jacinto Esteva creator and theorist of the Barcelona film school, which also included Gonzalo suárez, Vicente Aranda, or José María nunes.

In 1961 he directed his first short film, the day of the dead, with Julián frameworks. In 1966 the feature film co-directed with Jacinto Esteva Dante is not only severe, considered the proposed renovadoras of the Barcelona school example.

At the end of the sixties and after economic difficulties and censorship, he resided at Italy until 1973. There made several films of militant or alternative nature as alive Lenin (1970), or I tupamaros parlano ci. She also made some combative films on the regime in Portugal. Already in return to Spain directed a film, book collection devoted himself fully to translation literary and collaborated as a writer of Vicente Aranda in films such as sex change (1977), El Lute, walks or burst (1987) and the Lute II, will tomorrow be free (1988) and the television series the riders of the dawn.

1980 Turned fully to film, and specifically to the documentary: Numax presents (produced with resistance from workers housing Numax factory strike), commissioned by the Hunter (on the last years of Jacinto Esteva), children (over the neighbourhood of El raval), monkeys like Becky (on lobotomy) and 20 years is nothing (second part of Numax presents).

A personal, compelling and curious erótico-policíaca comedy which in many ways be considered his first film shot also A body in the Woods A cos at the bosc (1996).

He was awarded posthumously the National cinematography award for the year 2006.

Died on 24 June 2006 in Barcelona at the age of 70.


* Cinema of Catalunya national award (2000)

* National award for cinematography (2006).


* Director

* 1960 – The day of the dead.

* 1966 – Dante is not only severe. Along with Jacinto Esteva, and screenwriter.

* 1969 –

* Portogallo Paese peaceful.

* Maria Aurelia Capmany parla d’ a lloc entre els morts.

* 1980 Numax presents.

* 1990 – Commissioned by the Hunter.

* 1996 – A body in the forest (an cos at the bosc)

* 1999 – Monkeys like Becky (Mones com the Becky), along with Nuria villazán.

* 2004 – Children (De nens).

* 2005 – Twenty years is nothing (continuation of Numax presents)

* 2006 – Over the mirror.

* Screenwriter

* 1964 – By nightfall. Directed by germán lorente.

* 1975 – Last desire. Screenplay with Vicente Aranda. Directed by Leon Klimovsky.

* 1985 –

* Bay of Biscay, from Javier Rebollo.

* The old music, Mario camus.

* 1987 –

* As they had been, Andrés Linares.

* El Lute: walks or burst, Vicente Aranda.

* 1988 Lute II: tomorrow I will be free, Vicente Aranda.

* 1995 – Gypsy soul.

* 1997. A cos at the bosc.