José f. Ortuño is Spanish a screenwriter and filmmaker.


This author from Seville began at theater, premiering works on the west end English and was soon asked to write film and television. His first movie as scriptwriter, House 15 directed by josetxo San Mateo. Behind her, was series writer as Larrea Lordship ETB or Canal Sur 400 ad. One of his best known works is the short film Arena watches, participated in the Venice Film Festival where it was catalogued as “one of the most innovative of the year around the world” (taken from the Venice Film Festival 2003 catalog).

One of his later works as a director is the documentary “Ignacio Sánchez Mejías: beyond of bullfighting”, debuted at the Seville European Film Festival and which deals with this important Spanish 20th century intellectual figure.

It also is Evita setbacks series writer.

His last work as a director is the film “The legacy of Munt”, presented at the Seville European Film Festival in November of 2010.